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Continuing Education for Architects

Feng Shui is the art and science of providing support, comfort, and ease in a place. The only foreign thing about Feng Shui is the name. It's all about energy, really - as is everything when you get to the heart of the matter.

Feng Shui Friendly Design is an 8-hour workshop that provides you with all the information you need as an architect to incorporate supportive energy into your designs. The training is delivered by a master teacher - who is also a Feng Shui master - using accelerated learning techniques and all learning modalities in ONE incredible class. You get only and exactly what you need to grasp these concepts and use them. In fact, you will be using what you learn to assess both your home and office Feng Shui before we even get to lunch!

Imagine having your designs move beyond the current standards of sustainability to provide environments you have intentionally designed to make life easier for everyone.

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Feng Shui Friendly Design delivers thousands of years of wisdom condensed to concise, easy-to-understand tools. No need to read and try to make sense of countless confusing books. In only one day, you will:

  • Learn how and why places support health and well-being
  • Read the energy of environments to know whether to enter into business or personal relationships
  • Use the elegance and efficiency of Feng Shui principles to unleash your creative genius
  • Explore examples of Feng Shui without Asian influence, suited to clients' tastes and preferences
  • Collaborate with other professionals to create a Feng Shui Friendly Design
  • Be fully prepared to interact effectively with clients who arrive with their Feng Shui Professionals


Immerse Yourself in a Day of Intriguing Science and Philosophy, While Exploring New Tools!

Join me for a workshop that will inspire you as it supercharges your creativity. Open your Feng Shui eyes and see how your most common structures can become extraordinarily supportive spaces. Your expanded awareness will change your life, your family's life, and the lives of your clients.

This is a class for lead design professionals and those who intend to lead. It focuses on residential design for simplicity of integration, but its principles also apply to commercial design. Taught in a uniquely supportive and charming learning environment filled with hands-on manipulatives and multi-sensory input, you are guaranteed to find this workshop to be unlike any other. Enjoy a day of focused, fast-paced, and fascinating discovery. If you lead or innovate, this is the continuing ed you have been waiting for!

Feng Shui Friendly Design awards 8 AIA HSW continuing education credits. This training retires the one-hour ADA/Barrier Free requirement, as well as the one-hour sustainable design requirement.

This workshop is also valid for ASID Interior Designer continuing education requirements.

The class is generally presented on Friday, 8AM to 5PM. It is usually held at a local Hotel Indigo.

Tuition is $997. A healthy working lunch will be catered. All materials and the bilingual Resource Guide are included.
There are discounts for EARLY REGISTRATION and EARLY GROUP REGISTRATION OF 10 or more.
For more information or to schedule your firm's private presentation, please call 713-952-5429.

"This training is as rigorous as taking the licensing exam. I have learned more today
than in the last TEN AIA courses I have taken. Why didn't we have this in college?"

-- Michael Kiss, Summit Consulting & Architecture, San Diego, California

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Please RIGHT CLICK on the video for FULL SCREEN or click here to see this on YouTube

Here are studies of how architecture impacts the brain.


Take-Away Toolkit

  • Electro-Magnetic Energy Spectrum with examples of the full scope of vibrational frequencies
  • EZ Reference Resource Chart of the Five Elements
  • Creation/Control Cycle Chart to find easy ways to cure energy problems
  • Simple-to-follow matrix of the Five Elements at a Glance, complete with examples
  • Color-coded Cheat Sheet of the Bagua Energy Map for ease of spatial energy analysis
  • Tools to differentiate Bagua Energy Fields for the living and the dead (funerary architecture)
  • Special Bagua Situation Worksheet to prevent accidental design failure
  • Feng Shui Friendly Design Checklist and authorization for use
  • Sample letter and notary statement documents
  • ADA/Barrier Free Design Implementation Checklist
  • Tools for Integrating Feng Shui Principles with Sustainable Design
  • Bonus Bagua Color Key Chart for quick, easy reference
  • Press Release Formats to Announce the addition of Feng Shui Friendly Design to your services
  • Blank Quadrille Pad pages with Bagua Energy Map inset for easy reference


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"Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do.

Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax it or take it away from you.

They can run up huge deficits and the dollar can become worth far less.

But if you've got talent yourself, and you've maximized your talent,
you've got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold."

— Warren Buffett


Invest in yourself and your future:

  • Market your designs as CERTIFIED Feng Shui Friendly and tap into the ever expanding multicultural market
  • Relax in the peace of mind of knowing that your designs will support people for generations to come
  • Recharge your creations with the inspiration that comes with working to design intentional synergy
  • Increase your confidence by providing designs which actively serve to provide support, comfort, and ease
  • Enhance your professional reputation as you are perceived to be wise in many areas of knowledge
  • Get referrals from happy customers who will tell everyone who will listen
  • Strengthen your relationship with your clients by supporting their energy needs, regardless of their awareness
  • Use everything you learn to benefit your own life too!
  • Know how to respond to what your client's Feng Shui consultant may declare to be "bad chi"

MORE Benefits:

  • PDF of the Feng Shui Friendly Design Evaluation Checklist for your continuing use
  • Sample letter to clients to send with the Evaluation Checklist and earned FSFD insignia
  • Color label masters for the unique FSFD insignia stickers you are authorized to use for Evaluations
  • Graphic files for the Insignia in both print reproduction (.eps) and online (.jpg) formats
  • PowerPoint file for the workshop, as well as bonus files: HomeFronts and Inside Shots
  • Art for reproduction of Quadrille Pads with a Bagua included. Reprint in non-reproducing blue ink!
  • Copies of the three QuickTime movies presented in the workshop in .avi, .mov, and .mp4 formats
  • 6 Quick Articles about Feng Shui at home and at work
  • LIFETIME listing on the Tomorrow's Key Directory of Architects Trained in Feng Shui Friendly Design
    - the NUMBER ONE page on Google and any browser in the world for that search term!


All attendees receive copies of the Tomorrow's Key Feng Shui Friendly Design, What Architects Need to Know Resource Guide, which is an original curriculum. The published Resource Guide is provided in two languages to facilitate working with Spanish-speaking clients or colleagues.

To Register for this World Class Workshop, see the sidebar >>>>

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee your best learning experience! I am so sure that you will find this workshop to be the most fascinating, fun, and fast-paced learning experience you have ever taken that I guarantee your satisfaction or I will refund your money, no questions asked.

This workshop isn't about code or style. It presents to you a brand new topic and an intriguing new way of looking at the world and at your designs. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to learn! I look forward to opening your Feng Shui eyes and showing you a whole new way to see energy in environments!



“The course was so much more than we ever expected!”

- H. Stephen Jones, AIA, Dallas, Texas



Melvyn Choy, AIA | Durrant Media Five | Honolulu | 808-524-2040 | www.durrant.com


Louis Fung, AIA | Fung Associates | Honolulu | 808-941-3000 | www.funghawaii.com



Your brief visit with us has greatly impacted our awareness.
We look forward to future knowledge gains from “Tomorrows Key”.
Thanks again,

Tim M. Brandon, AIA
141 DeSiard Street, Suite 506
Monroe, Louisiana 71201
(LA, TX, OK, MS, AR, TN, FL)


I wanted express my thanks again for a very enjoyable day of continuing education with you and our small group.  During your entire presentation I could feel your positive energy pouring through the room, which made for one of the most educational and entertaining experiences I’ve had in a while.  I appreciated your patience with us and especially your sense of humor.  

I also wanted to compliment you on the state of the art technical equipment which you used to facilitate the class. Unlike some of the CE courses I’ve attended where some sort of technical difficulties became a distraction, I never felt that at any time during the day. 

I’ve posted the Bagua Energy Map on my message board in my office to help me remember the different elements of the grid.
I’ve already referred your course to several of my architect friends, and will continue to do so.
Best of Luck!
Bob Simpson
Boultinghouse Simpson Architects
McAllen, Texas



Thank you for maintaining contact with your wayward students. Your seminar was a breath of fresh air for me. I felt that the design approach was intuitive in nature but what captured my fancy was the concept of harnessing the energy that surrounds us and using that force to our advantage to create health, happiness, security, excitement and tranquility in our lives and in the lives of our clients. The success of the session was built on interaction between individuals, sharing between teams, and the practical exercises that kept everyone on track from the start to the end of your presentation. You are a happy, motivated and dedicated leader.

Keep up the good work.

I visited with (your cousin) Richmond Bennett upon my return to Beaumont and I told him how much I enjoyed your course. I must confess that I did some bragging. I will try to schedule a refresher course in 2008.

Paul N. Hay, AIA NCARB

Paul N. Hay | Architectural Alliance, Incorporated | Beaumont TX | 409-866-7196 | www.architectall.com



Thank you Trisha.  

I think you're doing a terrific job of taking seemingly foreign ideas and making them understandable and applicable. Many become "common sense" after investigation and help bring comfort, harmony and order when applied to our environments. Our challenge is to spread the knowledge!

Best wishes,


Gerald Renaud | RTKL | Dallas TX | 214-468-7644 | www.rtkl.com



Great job. Thanks for the continued updates. Keep us on the list for upcoming Seminars.

Tommy Meric

Thomas Meric | Duplantier & Meric, Architects, LLC | New Orleans LA | 504-324-9874 | www.dumearch.com


Dear Trisha:
I believe we were destined to meet this year and I am so grateful for making the effort to attend your class! You are a kind and generous spirit and I thank you for sharing your gift. Since taking your class, my life has continued to be simply amazing - work has continued to be exciting, challenging and fun. The Sonoma County home for Cindy and Joan is scheduled to start construction early January 2008 and the entire team is thrilled with the project to date. I noticed you have included a photograph of me with their home model on your website - I am so honored!!! They are still working on giving their new home a name, I'm sure the right name will come to them in time as the volumes emerge from the ground...
But more importantly, my personal life has truly blossomed... I believe I've met my soul mate, Anita, a woman with whom all things are possible. I've applied the principles learned in your course and I feel so much more grounded, in touch with my true spirit, and able to share life to the fullest.
I wish you a warm holiday season filled with love, family and friendship for all.
My best for you in 2008,
Richard Parker

Richard Parker | 450 architects inc. | San Francisco CA | 415-546-0450 | www.450architects.com


Trisha – Just wanted to drop you a return note and share that even though I am more of a “technical” kind of guy, I did find your class and teaching style stimulating, eye opening, educational (as-in alternate thought processes), and yes, even a bit entertaining (as well as a bit quirky and bizarre...but in a good way). I even had some emotional experiences that day that I connected with. I read through my class notes from time to time to remind myself to “Look for Delicious” and that “If I’m not having fun, it’s my own 'dang' fault”. Your “alpha wave” learning process was a new concept to me and something I had never experienced before. I do try to practice it from time to time in my work environment, and it really does create a more free flowing thought process that leads to new solutions.
Also, while I don’t necessarily buy into the “mythical aspects” of Feng Shui, I do believe in the underlying concepts that it supports, and believe the mythical design is an interesting way to package, remember, and apply it.
Thanks for being you.
Thanks - James
James R. Worsham, AIA, LEED® AP | Associate | jworsham@rtkl.com
RTKL Associates Inc.  | 1717 Pacific Ave. | Dallas, TX 75201
P 214.468.7681 | F 214.871.7023 | www.rtkl.com



Thank you for your energy, passion and knowledge in our class yesterday.  It is so nice to learn from a knowledgeable source who is passionate about their subject.

-= dave =-

David Downing, AIA | Austin Independent School District | Dept. of Construction Management
1111 West Sixth Street | B300 | Austin, Texas 78703 | (512) 414-9665 | www.austinisd.org


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Tuition: $997 per person. All materials and a catered healthy working lunch are included. To insure the best learning experience for everyone, maximum class size is limited to 12.

2017 Workshops:
Jacksonville, FL - January 13
New Orleans, LA - February 10

San Diego, CA - March 10
Chicago, IL - April 7
Denver, CO - May 5
New York, NY - June 9
Mexico City, Mexico - July 7
Houston, TX - September 1
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Austin, TX - October 27
Dallas, TX - December 1

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Extraordinary Training

Unlike most online training, Feng Shui Friendly Design, What Architects Need to Know is presented live by a Master Teacher, who is also a Feng Shui Master and published author. This fast-paced workshop is for the extremely intelligent individual who is starved for mental stimulation and disdains yet another hour of code changes.

Your firm's lead designers, architectural partners, and principals must have inspiring learning opportunities to supercharge their creativity. Register your team today!

I travel all over the world. If your firm would like to present this workshop in house, simply call 713-952-5429 to schedule.

Upon completion, attendees receive a certificate suitable for framing as well as a lifetime listing in the Tomorrow's Key Directory of Architects Trained in Feng Shui Friendly Design


About Trisha Keel, PhD

Trisha Keel, PhD radiates bright enthusiasm whenever she is working with architects and Feng Shui. A professional presenter, Trisha delivers training with a mix of hands-on, activity based, and technology-based activities, with an integrated mix of Accelerated Learning methods. As a registered provider of Continuing Education for the AIA since 2006, she now trains architects around the world.

Dr. Keel is recognized asa Red Ribbon Member of the International Feng Shui Guild, and her Feng Shui school has earned the standard of Gold Level Program – the highest levels of achievement and quality in Feng Shui mastery and education available in the world today.


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Architect Testimonials

Very well done and congratulations. It takes a lot to keep my interest for 8 hours!


Trisha is brilliant. Taking a lot of complex ideas and information and presenting it so you can apply it immediately is an art.

Thank you!

I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm. Great Job!

High energy instructor!

Now I can better serve my clients who are knowledgable about feng shui. It will also enable me to proved more intelligent space and energy design for all my clients.

Great insightful tools for increasing productivity profit wellness in design. Very nice overview of a large topic.

EXCELLENT! I have more awareness to how environments influence people.

Great course!

It's all about the energy.

This course is an investment in myself and my design. Wow.

You need to take this training.

Get busy and sign up!

You're going to have fun and learn a lot!

Come with an open mind, but come!

I'm going to market this as a design philosophy.

I'm going to incorporate this understanding of energy into my healthcare environments to encourage better healing.

I highly recommend this course.

Now I can discuss feng shui friendly techniques with my clients.

I can use what I learned today in the design of houses as well as corporate offices.

Feng Shui Friendly Desing can be used in health facilities as a therapeutic tool for recovery of patients.

Now I see energy and design from a different perspective.

I already do this stuff intuitively. It's nice to know WHY it works.

This strengthened my design skills and helped me to better serve my clients. You should take the course.

This provides a completely different perspective on design and is worth listening to.

This training will help me relate to clients who want feng shui design and are knowledgable.

This training made me more aware of energy issues.

This helped me understand how to create environmental balance with nature.

I can now offer services clients have been asking gfor.

Great information! Now I have a better understanding of the principles and elements of feng shui.

This training has created more awareness of my clinets' comfort and security.

This forced me to think about the layout of neighborhoods. Great course. Applications beyond residential design.

This complements my studies of environmental psychology.

Very educational. This opens your eyes to different philosophy.

This training will help you expand your service base to your clients and yourself.

Interesting - good course.

Fun, informative, practical. Now I have something to offer my clients who have been requesting this skill.

Here are some viable alternatives for serving clients interesting in living comfortably.

I have gained design principles from another perspective.

This course will make you a better designer.

I gained respect for this science and can put it to practical use.

This will come in handy when considering energy flow to facilitate human activity - learning, shopping, and more.

I am better prepared for designing functional spaces with regard to energy flow. This is definitely a course you should take to experience another avenue of design.

This course is enlightening and an excellent into to the principles and understanding of feng shui!!

I liked the teaching of the principles first and then the application.

I highly recommend this training. It is well worth the time. I gained so much more from this than other HSW courses since it is different and specialized. This adds value in that it can be applied to personal life too.

Very helpful!

This training raised my design awareness to a new level. Take it! Lots of great energy!

I have already been involved in another job with feng shui. I wish I had had this before! Very worthwhile.

You have to take this course.

Awesome. Must experience! Interesting and usable information.

So many times we know a space feels good, but we don't know why. This material explains so much of what we might have suspected about energy. It's nice to know how it works.

This adds more experience to my business. The more diverse offerings, the better.

I highly recommend this course to my colleagues and peers.

This course can help you increase your bottom line by better understanding your potential customers' needs and desires.

This class is an eye-opener to energy forces in the world.

Now I am motivated to remove the clutter and stay organized!

Every home building professional needs to take this course!

More people should know that they can have this class in their own office - I just called Trisha and asked! This was so convenient!

Trisha is a very engaging and interesting presenter, with a thorough knowledge of her subject. This was an excellent experience!

Very fun! Trisha is very knowledgeable but does not teach by just "talking." She is open to questions and new ways to look at things.

I left with 10 times the energy I started with. A must for all designers!

The course had great content, but the way it was presented was over the top. Great discussions and interactive conversations!

It's one thing to read and learn. It's another when you can learn from someone who delivers the information in a way that is fast and fascinating, and most of all, lots of fun.

Without a doubt, the mosts intellectually stimulating and delightful CE classes I have attended.