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Address Number Energies

Your home has an energy that it derives from the energy of its address. Say your address number is 5502. To get your house's number energy, add the digits together until you get just one digit. 5+5+0+2=12 then 1+2=3. So this house has a three energy.

This works for all numbers except 11, 22, and 33. If your house number adds up to any one of these three numbers, DO NOT REDUCE the number further to one digit. See Special Numbers below. You can find out what number energy your house has and what it means to you and your family by using the information below.

Once you've calculated your home's energy number, just scroll down or click the number below. The information below comes from Denise Lynn's Sacred Space.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Special Numbers: 11 22 33

General Numerological Influences

Spirit of One: independence, new beginnings, oneness with life, self-development, individuality, progress, creativity

One Influence: excellent for a person who wants to embark on an individual creative venture. Those under a the influence of One will learn from experience rather than instruction and advice from others. One is conducive to someone who wants to follow their own instincts and express individuality with creativity and originality. Strong emotions can sometimes be felt under One, especially if there are several strong individuals sharing the home. But the emotions are healing and can even spur inspirational creativity. One is not a place that will always be neat, as sometimes minor details are secondary to the creative process. If you have been a caretaker for others and have come to a place where you need to be number one in your own life, then a One is just what you need. You will feel more assertive, independent and willing to take risks here.

Challenges of a One: Sometimes you may feel isolated and alone, even if there are others around you. Others may view you as selfish, buy you are only isolating yourself so that you can make the decisions that you know are right for you.


Spirit of Two:A balance of the yin and yang energies of the universe, polarities, self-surrender, putting others before yourself, dynamic attraction of one to another, knowledge comes from the balance and marriage of opposites.

Two Influence: An excellent place for two people who are going to share space as close roommates, lovers or as husband and wife. Two is likened to lighting two candles from the same source. They are separate yet share the same light. People in a Two can be as connected as peas in a pod. You will be strongly tuned into the energies and feelings of the others with whom you share a Two. Living in a Two will engender a strong desire for peace and harmony through diplomacy. You will often find yourself standing back and tuning into situations rather than advancing your point of view. You’ll find that you can fully and lovingly understand the perspectives of others. In a Two, you will begin to develop a sensitivity to subtle energies of nature and music and even the auric fields of others. Gardens, music, art and magic all flourish in a Two. You will develop your gentle nature and a desire for harmony. This is a perfect house to explore and develop your psychic and intuitive abilities. A Two is an excellent place for a marriage or partnership to grow.

Challenges of a Two: Because a Two can expand your sensitivity, you may find a tendency to sometimes become oversensitive or to care too much about the feelings of others. Should this happen, just take time to be still and listen to your inner voice. Also, the energy of a Two may sometimes seem to exclude others because the occupants of the Two can be very self-contained.


Spirit of Three: The Trinity: Mind, Body and Spirit, the threefold nature of Divinity; expansion, expression; communication; fun; self-expression; to give outwardly; openness; optimism.

Three Influence: In a Three you can feel and be positive about life. Three is a place to communicate with flamboyance; where you can expand your vision for life. Positive thinking produces positive results. A Three fans enthusiasm and enhances warm natures. This is a great place for parties and entertaining; often conducive to generating sexual/spiritual energies. Those under the influence of Three will find their social lives expanding. Here people from different cultures and backgrounds can meet and relate to each other with warmth and love. The power of the Trinity is strong in this house as well as the energies of the triangle and the pyramid. Often, things happen in threes - like sneezes, trees with three trunks, triplets, light bulbs burning out.

Challenges of a Three: There can be a tendency under Three to expand too quickly, scatter energies and spread yourself too thin. Be careful about finances because in a Three there is a tendency to enjoy now and pay later. Also, there can sometimes be a tendency to be overly optimistic. But certainly, the fun you will have in a Three can make up for any challenges!


Spirit of Four: Security; four elements: earth, air, water and fire; the Four Sacred Directions; the four seasons and a time for every season; self-discipline through work and service; productivity; organization; wholeness and unity.

Four Influence: Four has stable and secure energy. Four represents the four walls or boundaries that provide security. Four symbolizes solid foundations and protection. Four will give you security, stability and certainty in life and your practical, secure earth nature will come forward. A Four is very grounded, very connected to Mother Earth. In a Four you will find your roots, plant the seeds of your dreams and relish the fruits of your labor. Here your work is love made visible, offering you satisfaction and a source of security. A Four lends itself to steady employment and building foundations for the future. Four will attract those who serve others, as in nursing. A Four is an excellent place for a group to work together toward a common goal. If you are interested in gardening and connecting with the earth’s energies, a Four will suit you.

Challenges of a Four: Sometimes a Four can feel like all work and no play. If you find this happening, take a day to be footloose and fancy-free. Be silly and giggle. There can also be a tendency to hoard or to be stubborn. Remember, there is always enough and lighten up! Life is not as serious as it sometimes seems.


Spirit of Five: Feeling free; self-emancipating; active; physical; impulsive; energetic; adventurous; resourceful; well-traveled; curious; excitement; change.

Influence of Five: Hold onto your hat in a Five! Here everything is vibrant, alive and ever-changing. If your life has been stagnating, this is your number for Five is activity, movement and change. Life becomes a merry-go-round of going to meetings, answering the phone, attending parties, and out-of-town trips. A Five is all go, go, go with lots of people coming in and out. Fives are hubs of activity, lending themselves to mental stimulation, gathering information and experiences and sharing it concisely and quickly. Fives are great for journalists to work within. Fives attract wine, women/men, and song – not a place to be celibate! Your sexual appeal will increase in a Five and this is a good number for romantic flings.

Challenges of a Five: Sometimes a Five can feel like being caught up in a whirlwind. Slow down and take the time to smell the flowers. Five will also lead toward a tendency to make snap decisions, but will keep your instincts right on the money. If you must make a very important decision in a Five, take a second breath and deliberate carefully before you make a final decision.


Spirit of Six: Self-harmony; compassion; love; service; social responsibility; beauty, the Arts; generous; concerned; caring; children; balance; community service.

Influence of Six: Six is a center for harmony and balance, an excellent place for a family, especially with children. Six can contribute to feelings of wanting to help others and community service. Six is also excellent for those wanting to develop their artistic abilities or for nurturing and caring, such as a counselor or medical professional. In a Six it is easy to get to the heart of matters in a caring and compassionate way. Close loving relationships with your partner, roommates, friends and family come to life in a Six. Beautifying a Six as well as the surrounding area will drive those under this influence.

Challenges of a Six: Six is so geared toward giving there may be a tendency to give too much — seek a balance between giving to others and taking care of your own needs. The comfort in a Six may make one reclusive — push yourself out into the wide world!


Spirit of Seven: The inner life; a mystical number symbolizing wisdom; seven chakras; the seven heavens of the Hawaiian kahunas; birth and rebirth; religious strength; sacred vows; tendency toward ritual – particularly spiritual ritual; the path of solitude, analysis and contemplation.

Influence of Seven: Seven is a sanctuary for contemplation and retreat, a place where you can analyze past experiences and present situations with an emphasis on spiritual development. Seven is perfect for someone who lives alone who wants to retreat, meditate and seek divine inspiration. Seven space can be difficult for more than one person to share. Seven is excellent for a student or researcher as it lends itself to focused investigation. Seven contributes to intuition, dreams, visions, telepathic experiences, philosophical and metaphysical studies — all helping to find a path in life.

Challenges of a Seven: Not a place for those who want to advance in the material world as the energy is focused on the spiritual rather than the worldly. Seven isn’t good for relationships as there is a tendency toward being alone and aloof in this vibration.


Spirit of Eight: Infinity; material prosperity; self-power; abundance; cosmic consciousness; reward, authority; leadership.

Influence of Eight: Abundance in all areas of life: friends, family and material possessions. Eight will help get the material side of life in order. Eight contributes to organizational and managerial skills which contribute to growing material success. Through discipline and hard work, an Eight will assist achieving a position of power and financial abundance. Awards, honors and public recognition come easily in an Eight, the vibration of wholeness. Relationships can develop more than just one aspect — they can embody physical, spiritual and mental characteristics. Eight allows command of respect and equality.

Challenges of an Eight: Eight can sometimes bring in too much of good things. Be careful to consider the welfare of others and be wise with your finances.


Spirit of Nine: Humanitarianism; selflessness; dedicating your life to others; completion and endings; release; universal compassion; tolerance; wisdom.

Influence of Nine: Nine allows you to reap and harvest from past efforts. Nine is where love and compassion for humanity expands. Nine allows you to see beyond your own boundaries. Nine will encourage you to give freely to others because you recognize how much you have gained in your own life. In a Nine you can develop a breadth of wisdom that can even be prophetic. In a Nine you know you are part of a universal family, you have the ability to release the small things and you won’t take offense easily. Old friendships are important and old friends from the past will be attracted to Nine. Others will be drawn to your compassion and wisdom in a Nine. Nine is a good place to tie up loose ends in your life. Live your truth in a Nine because you will be an example to others.

Challenges of a Nine: Because Nine fosters awareness of the greater good, one may overlook the needs of the individual, including aspects of a particular need for yourself as you are more concerned with the overall picture for your whole self. For example, you may be aware that candy is not good for your overall health, but you may fail to see that your inner child needs the comfort of candy now and then.


Special Numbers

These numbers are thought to have special power and significance of their own. They are not reduced to single digits once they have been achieved:

Number 11: especially good for developing intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and other metaphysical faculties. This would be a good home for someone who wanted to develop these capacities.

Number 22: unlimited mastery in any area, not only spiritual but physical, emotional and mental as well.

Number 33: all things are possible.

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Music of the Spheres

As Pythagoras knew, everything is
numbers. Music is all about the vibrational frequency of numbers, how they harmonize, and how they activate one another.

The numbers of your birthdate, the numbers of your address, and, in fact, all numbers everywhere, carry in them the notes of the Music of the Spheres. While this is an esoteric reference to the planets, those of you who study Astronomy know that all planets give off radio waves - Earth too. Everything, in fact, vibrates at different frequencies. One way to measure those frequencies is the the number of Hertz, but they can also be registered by the notes of a scale.

Letters, like notes, correlate to numbers too. The name you were given on your birth certificate is of utmost importance. It gives you your purpose in life, your soul's urge, your professional destiny, and much more. Vowels are different from consonants and carry different impact in your life.

If you want to know more:

Numerology Name Analysis is based on the Pythagorean number conversion method. Pythagoras was born in 590 B.C. and is considered to be the founder of the Science of Numbers. He grew up in an extremely spiritual environment, practiced meditation and astrology.

Pythagoras studied with the Druids, eventually becoming a teacher himself and founding a learning center at which he taught for nearly 40 years. As is traditional with Druidic teachings, Pythagoras allowed none of his ideas or subjects to be written by his students lest the sacred knowledge be gained by those who might use it against others.

Thankfully, his teachings were written down after his death so we have them today.

Your name's numerlogical analysis will be written and explained, including but not limited to the following:

  • Destiny Number
  • Birth Force
  • Heart's Desire
  • Personality
  • Reality Number
  • Habit Challenge
  • Karmic Challenge
  • Cornerstone Number
  • Key Number
  • Planes of Expression
  • Pinnacle Years
  • Vocations and Talents
  • Health and Numbers
  • First Vowel
  • The Essence


To provide this service, I will need the full name as written on the birth certificate and date of birth. If you want a married name or another name analyzed those will be charged as a fully separate analysis, but I will include a comparison and contrast of the two in my written documentation.

Once you have this information you will know when the best times, days, months, and years are for implementing new action or decisions in your life.

The resonance of the numbers harmonize with the one song of the Uni-Verse and allow you to clearly see the alignment of your personal melody in the symphony of all Life.

For more information on hyou numerological analysis, email me or call 713-952-5429.

Click here for price information.