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The Art of Living Your Life

To get to where you've always wanted in life, to create your days joyfully and intentionally, you must take control of your thoughts and learn to focus them on what you DO want.

This ability is the key message taught by Abraham through Esther Hicks, by The Secret, and countless other teachers through the ages. If you would like to move forward towards your dreams, walking with an experienced guide, and with some other students, this class could be just exactly what you're looking for.

If you have made up your mind that where you are is not where you intend to be, I invite you to join our band of life artists. Come create the life of your dreams and paint it with broad, bold strokes.

Destiny favors the bold!
-- Goethe

NOTE: This is not a fluff class. It is not that you have to do homework or figure out something like Calculus, but it is emotionally and mentally life-altering. Do not proceed if you wish your life to stay the way it is.

It's not that you have to wait to get through everything. The changes start with the first class. We dive right in and go for the gold with every moment we spend together. You will experience radical, life-altering shifts in your belief system, your self-esteem, and your personal attitude.

Continue with courage and determination. I look forward to enjoying the adventure with you. If you are ready, proceed with anticipation.

You are here because you are ready to learn how to live the life you dream of...



“This is the most amazing, thought provoking, life changing course you’ll ever take! When I started these classes I was a huge ball of negative ICK. Within weeks I began feeling better, thinking better and treating myself and others better!

Even my family, friends and doctors ALL noticed a difference in my outlook, my attitude, my health and continuously told me how much happier and healthier I looked.

This is a phenomenal course and the teacher is THE BEST! A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to you, Trisha!”

- Christine Levin




"This should be taught to every child in school. I believe it is more important that ANYTHING else they could ever digest. My life changed and I truly appreciate and love you for it." - Lisa Kaster


Next new session of The Art of Living Your Life begins in July or January.

There are two sessions per year. The Summer workshop session begins the first week of July and the Winter workshop begins the first week of January. It is not a problem to start a few weeks late, but after July or January 31st, registration closes until the next session.

I recommend that everyone print out their own materials and have their own notebooks OR their own copies of the workbook (available at http://bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks - not mandatory as I will send PDFs of every lesson - but convenient because you never need to worry about paper or ink or remembering to download and print them)

Regular sessions meet once a week, online, from 7:30-9PM Central. These classes are completely live. You attend via your computer, tablet, or phone using FREE software. You will be able to see and hear me as I teach the course. You will be able to ask questions and make comments in real time, as if there were a window open through the space between us.

If you turn on your webcam, the other students will be able to see you too, but you can turn off the webcam if you're having a bad hair day or want to attend in your pajamas. ;) Only class members are allowed in our virtual classroom so your instruction is completely private.

I do record the audio of every class and send you a link to download it for future reference or in case you need to miss a class. The class takes about 6 months to complete.



"I can see the transformation in me! It has been life changing. I never realized I was living my life to please or get the approval from others. The ALYL class has help me break down the barriers of 'thinking' my way in life and begin feeling and living my life as my I/inner being intended it to be.

Trisha gently guides you through soul searching, although sometimes she pushes you out of comfort zone in the best way ever to face some truths and lies you've told yourself and to encourage you to dream big... no BiGGER to turn my desires into reality.

I've never been so excited about my future!" - Christine Solano


Enrollment Options:

PREPAY FULL TUITION: Six months of $60 = $360. Even if there are 5 weeks in a month, or we skip weeks for holidays, there are still a set number of lessons. Time will danceby as it pleases. Prepay the entire tuition and never have to worry about remembering a payment. Should you need to withdraw from the class, there are no refunds, but you are invited to restart at the next session.


RECURRING MONTHLY PAYMENT: Automatically send me $60 per month on the first of each month. You can simply cancel this subscription when the course is complete, or if you should ever feel you are no longer learning and growing. There are no penalties for withdrawal at any time you feel you are not learning or growing.


PAY BY PAYPAL WITH SINGLE PAYMENTS: Use any credit or debit card to make tuition payments one at a time. Simply go to PayPal and select the tab labeled SEND MONEY and then put in my email address trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com and the amount of $60.

Register by Phone or Email

Call 713-952-5429 or email me to register for the next session. (trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com) I simply need your name and email address to get you on the roster. Please verify that you are registering for the Art of Living. Tuition for the first month is due when you register, whether you subscribe or send me a check.

PAY BY CHECK: You may also mail me a check or money order made out to Trisha Keel, and send it this address:

Dr. Trisha Keel
5223 Mimosa Drive, Bellaire TX 77401

As always, the learning is of greater importance the the method of payment. If you need special payment arrangements, just call or email me.

Get Your Equipment Ready

You need a computer and a printer - doesn't matter what kinds - and a decent internet connection. (Dial-up is not recommended.) Webcams and microphones are entirely optional and not required. I do recommend a color printer. This is one of the most beautiful curricula I have ever created and it is just not the same in black and white.

You must to be able to receive email. Prior to our sessions, you'll receive the week's course materials in your email to print out and review. You can also purchase the book already printed so you will always have the lesson ready to go. The next day after the class, I will send you the audio file as an additional resource. If you are auditing, you will receive both audio and course materials the same day, following the live class.

Get Registered at Zoom.us

Our live online classes will be provided using software that is available to you at no charge. Simply go to Zoom.us/download from whatever technology you wish to use for class and the software will automatically be installed for you. Thisprovides us a crystal clear link from your computer to mine. Click here to link over to their website in a new window.

What to Expect When Class Begins

The day of your class, you'll receive a pdf of the materials so you can print them out before we begin. Just about 15 minutes before class begins I will email you an invitation to join the class. Simply click the link and you'll step right into our virtual classroom! We will go through working with the features of the software during the first few classes, just to be sure you're comfortable with the virtual environment.

Ready to open the door to your future?

What Great Testimonials! 


"This is possibly the BEST TIME I could go through this class. This quarantine has had lots of ups and downs.... but coupled with the strength of growth from becoming a conscious creator.... just wow. I'm strong enough and have the tools to face not only my own demons, but those around me. I KNOW brighter better bigger days are here and ahead."

-- Carolyn O'Brien 

Between you and Joel Osteen on XM, I've been able to gently steer my husband into "my" world.

-- Debbie, Virginia 



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If You Always Do What You Always Did, You'll Always Get What You've Always Gotten


While this training teaches you how to create every minute and day of your life to be exactly what you have always dreamed, in the end - once you are through the class - your entire life is completely and irrevocably changed.

NOTHING can ever be the same. You cannot UN-KNOW what you learn here.

The more you practice and play with what you learn, the better it gets and the better it gets.

I AM living this. So are the students who have already completed this course. You can too.

I invite you to join us. Experience the joyful and powerful difference when you consciously create The Art of Living Your Life.

Student Testimonials

"I'm ecstatic to say that I have been flipping my emotions. That has saved me.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping me to live my life.

Much love,


"If I've never told you --and even if I have -- I have to tell you again that the techniques you taught me work.

I watch myself use them and smile as I make new choices and create new outcomes.

I am so grateful to have learned how to create a much better life. So thank you, and thank you again.

Life is so much better now."



"I’ll work on happiness being my focus. It works, I remember that it does. I just wonder how I got out of the habit.

OK, no I don’t: I know how I got out of the habit. But I will re-establish the habit—it’s part of setting myself free.

Thanks, it was another good session. And thanks for whacking me upside the head: I needed that!"



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