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Creation and Control Cycles of Energy

It is truly amazing how well the ancient Chinese understood energy. They were able to share their understanding by using metaphors, by comparing energy to elements with which we are all familiar: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. While the Western concept of the elements has the four: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, the Asian way of energy analysis allows incredibly detailed and accurate evaluations and balances to be achieved.

Each element creates another as it destroys its own creator. For example, Water feeds Wood, but, as it does, the Water is used up; the bucket runs out. Wood feeds Fire, but, as it does, the pile of Wood is consumed. Fire creates Earth, just as lava makes new land, but, as it does, the Fire is smothered by the dirt. Earth creates Metal deep beneath the surface, but as it does, the Metal leaches the minerals from the soil in which it is born. Metal condenses Water, but as it does, the Water will corrode the Metal which created it. And so the cycle continues endlessly, as shown by the blue arrows.

If your environment is overwhelmed by any one element, you can use the red arrows to control the degree you experience the energy. If you have too much Wood, add Metal, as Metal "cuts" Wood, just like an axe cuts down a tree. If there is too much Fire in a place, add Water, as Water douses Fire. If the Metal energy is too much in a space, add Fire energy, as Fire melts Metal. If you find there to be too much Earth in a room, add Wood, as the "roots" of plants control erosion, Wood energy holds back the Earth. If there is too much Water energy in a place, add Earth, as the Earth will dam the Water.

The best thing you can do is to have some of every element in each area of your environment, balancing according to your needs and preferences. To work with the five elements, or Celestial Animals, you will need to be able to identify the five elements in everyday items, colors, shapes, and such. For a chart of the Five Elements and how they manifest in so many areas of our lives, you are invited to download this linked pdf file.

To really grasp the energy of their descriptions, imagine the Celestial Animal which aligns with each element. Dragons are powerful and they fly! Tigers are dangerous and beautiful. Tortoises have shells and are found near water. Cicadas sing when it's warm outside. The phoenix goes up in flames and then is reborn from its own ashes. These things you already know about these five creatures - the Celestial Animals - will help you integrate the information they bring to you about where you find them in your environment.

Summary of Support of the Celestial Animals

Black tortoise energy provides protective energy at your back. This energy may come from the water element, a high back on your chair, a wall at your back, a tall fence in your back yard, or a headboard on your bed. Without tortoise energy you will feel disempowered and small. You may feel a slight breeze across your neck or that your back is exposed to a vast area. A worker in a cubicle or a child sitting on a stool in the corner have no tortoise energy and would feel they lack support from both their environment and from other people in that environment.

Green dragon energy provides growth and power to get things going and growing. This energy may come from the wood element or things that are very tall on your left side. (A little taller than your eye level.) Find dragon energy in trees, doors, or pieces of furniture on your left. Without dragon energy you will feel disheartened and impotent. A person without green dragon protection will find themselves without inspiration, and may become bored and lethargic. The lethargy of the white tiger will overwhelm and destroy all positive, active energies. When your new ventures or ideas have trouble coming to fruition you need more dragon energy.

White tiger energy provides the fortitude and follow-through to make things happen. This energy is lower to the ground and solid and comes from the metal element or things that are low and on your right side. You will find white tiger energy on your right in a white picket or chain link fence, a side table, an armrest or a credenza. Without the stabilizing effects of white tiger energy, you will feel slightly vulnerable. The ceaseless pressure from the dragon energy will cause you to feel tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Red phoenix energy brings a clear, open and unobstructed view in front or towards the future. This energy may come from the fire element, well-trimmed bangs, bushes or trees. Find red phoenix energy wherever there are vast open expanses and views. Without red phoenix energy you will feel insignificant, blocked and helpless. The employee sitting in a closed cubicle or windowless corner has no red phoenix energy. He experiences the absence of any visual input or space in front of him. He is forever staring at a “dead end” thus his future is limited.

Your own energy is considered to be the Golden cicada. (Sometimes called the golden snake or dog, this insect is like the locusts or katydids which sing in the Summer.) Always consider the location of the Celestials from your point of view within an environment. To determine a home’s Celestial support, project yourself into the house, looking out the front door. The golden cicada aligns with your Solar Plexus and the heart of your house. The green dragon energy always aligns to your left and the white tiger energy to your right (remember easily because white and right rhyme). Black tortoise is always to your back, and to the opposite side of the property from the driveway or front door.

To download a pdf file of the Creation and Control Cycles of Energy, and how they interact, please click here.


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Energy: What IS This Stuff?

Everything in the Universe is made of Energy: every person, place, event, and thought. Everything. There is nothing that is not energy.

Energy is always moving. It is either moving into a new form through expansion or it is returning to its orginal form through decomposition. Simply put, everything is either growing or its dying. Nothing rests - nothing stays the same.

Everything has its opposite and every opposite is the same, differing only in degree. The opposite of light is dark - darkness is only the absence of light. Without light there is no dark, and vice versa. The extremes meet in the middle, somewhere in between shadows and highlights.

The symbol for opposites in energy is the Tao Te Ching (shown above). This image is in static form, but it represents the cycles of life that constantly change into one another. I truly came to understand this concept when I was creating an invitation and needed to know whether noon was a.m. or p.m. It turned out that noon was p.m. - post meridiem. Accordingly, I realized that midnight was a.m. So what you see here in this symbol is the seed of day in the middle of the night and the seed of night in the middle of the day.

The dark side of the symbol is called yin. Yin represents the pure potential of an energy, but not its manifestation. Cool, dark, receptive, horizontal, multiple, and feminine are all yin characteristics. The most pure yin energy is seen in a compost - all energy has receded and is readying itself to begin a new cycle of life.

The light side of the symbol is called yang. Yang represents the pure manifestation of an energy, but not its potential. Hot, light, directive, vertical, single, and masculine are all yang characteristics. The most pure yang energy is seen in the sun - all energy is manifesting and emitting and spraying out in full force in every single minute without ceasing.

Humans prefer a blend of yin and yang in all they do, have, and experience. Those preferences will change with their moods, their health, or their choice. We like firm mattresses with soft sheets. We like spicy Mexican food with creamy guacamole. We like to jump into the cool water when it's hot outside.

In our environments, our bedrooms are more yin. These rooms are designed for sleep and for sex. They are at their best when they are cozy, sensual, quiet, cool, and dark. Too much happening in a bedroom is not conducive to either sleep or sex. That's why having a desk in your bedroom is not a good idea.

Put your desk in a yang area of the house. Create a space that is light, airy, and conducive to focus and productivity. Too little happening around your desk can put you to sleep. Then nothing gets done.

Yin and yang energies blend and create in our world in countless ways. We experience them through our experiences with Nature. The extremes of energy manifest themselves around us in endless interactions between the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.



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