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Energy Clearing Workshops

For those who want to know how to take care of yourself, these workshops are all about clearing the energies of your own spaces. In this one day seminar, you will work side by side with me to practice energy shifts. This original curriculum includes methods from many cultures, old and new, including a very powerful Tibetan Tantric ritual for each of the four seasonal Energy Clearing seminars. You will perform the Energy Clearing procedures yourself.

The Fine Art of Energy Clearing workshops are held at the Solstices and Equinoxes so that you have what you need to keep your home and work space energies sparkling clear. As the Wheel of the Year turns to each new season you have the opportunity to cast out the old and ring in the new. (Note: while each seminar is focused on different clearing ceremonies for that season, all procedures will have results any time of year.)

You Receive…

Your own copy of The Fine Art of Energy Clearing by the Cycle of Seasons, which is a full Resource Guide for clearing the energy of every kind of situation you will ever need to tend to, as well as information-targeted Appendices for your easy reference. On completion of all four sections of this training, you receive Certification as a Professional Energy Practitioner, and are included in my Directory of Energy Practitioners, along with a listing of your specialty(ies).

Many fully trained practitioners return each season to take advantage of the new materials and techniques I add to the previous collection. My Certified Practitioners are invited to teach a segment of their own to practice for their own training offerings, using their own curriculum or one of mine.

Class is from 10 am–4 pm, so the training spans lunch. We will break from 12 to 1PM, and visit during lunch while we eat. If you would prefer to eat alone, simply turn off your video and you can still enjoy the sharing and conversation. This is time off the curriculum so some unusual topics are often introduced into the conversation. Bring your ghost stories!

We’ll be in the privacy of my personal Zoom classroom,, so we are free to relax into the learning. There is no judgement here, or skepticism. Only open-minded learning. Prepare to enjoy yourself as you step into the camaraderie of new friends with a common interest!


Tuition for the originial training is $222. (Register early and save!) Revisiting the class is available each seasonand is only $99. You're always invited to rejoin the fun. There are always new activities and clearing methods, and you will brush up on your skills!. Your book, and all your make and take home and course materials are included in this price. EVERYONE SAVES! Register yourself and a pal for $333 or bring two friends for only $444 (one comes free!). Early registration brings additional savings but it ends the Saturday before the workshop, so REGISTER TODAY!

Registration for
Which Season?

Of course I cannot certify you as an Energy Clearing Practitioner, but you can order the AUDIO ONLY for any one of the four seasonal workshops and pay only $77! You can hear everything explain and all of my fascinating additions to the curriculum! Order the book ONLY at the sidebar column to the right > > > >


Reading Requirements

There are two books you'll need to have in your library: Sacred Space, by Denise Linn and The Good Energy Book, by Tess Whitehurst. You will refer to these for the rest of your life.

Preparing For the Workshop - we will be doing a clearing during the workshop

Meditate before class
Wear loose fitting, natural fiber clothing and shoes you can easily slip off
Verify that you have no open blood flow (if you are bleeding the day of the training, you can attend, but should not perform any ritual procedures)
Bathe and put on no deoderant or scent (anti-perspirant is OK, deoderant has aluminum in it)
Wear only eye makeup, keep skin mostly clear
Wear no metal objects (zippers and bras are OK)


On completion of the class, you leave with

Infusions, potions, sigils, and other tools to add to your Energy Clearing Kit
Written procedures and materials lists for each energy clearing method
All the history, explanation, and methodology - including illustrations - of what to do and when
Experience performing each step of the energy clearing procedure for that season of the year
Complete all four seminars in the Touch of Practical Magic Fine Art of Energy Clearing Series and receive Tomorrow's Key Energy Practitioner Certification, as well as a free listing in my Energy Practitioner Directory.

Workshop Schedule & Registration


This Spring Equinox seminar is centered around the element of Earth. The Earth has returned to its balancing point and the days and nights are equal once again. It’s time now to clean and clear and get everything fresh as a daisy.

With the return of the Sun’s light and warmth, the Wheel of the Year turns to the beginning of the growing season. The ice melts, the soil warms, and the seeds begin to sprout. Nature begins to put on her loveliest show: Springtime!

In this seminar you will learn and much more:

  • Spring Cleaning to Honor Your Space
  • Spring Happy House Blessing
  • Harmonizing Homes with Hot Cross Buns
  • Mixing Herbal Salts for Well-being
  • Conjuring Salt Spell for Empowerment
  • Kitchen Magic Banishing Bulbs
  • Burying Crystals to Clear Their Energy
  • Tree Blessing Charm for a Happy Home
  • Weaving a Witch’s Ladder of Protection
  • The Phoenix Egg Resurrection Ritual
  • Eggs-tra Ordinary People Exorcism Ritual
  • Cleaning & Cleansing After Death
  • Cleaning & Cleansing After Divorce
  • Using Rescue Remedy to Banish Overwhelm
  • God’s Magic Box Frees You From Worry
  • Consecrating Bedrooms with Angel Support
  • Attraction Action Drawing Potion
  • Celebrating Beltane with a Bonfire & Vow


We will go through many levels of the most basic magic and make sure you understand and remember just how powerful you are. Watch your family stand back in wonder as you change the energy in your home with a whisk of a broom and the scent of something yummy baking in the oven. Enjoy flexing your magic muscles inside and outside the house. Delve into death and divorce clearing. Celebrate the end of Springtimeand the coming of Summer with the fiery fun of a Beltane bonfire and a vow of intention.


This Summer Solstice seminar is centered around the element of Fire. The Sun reaches its highest point and longest day with the first day of Summer. Solstice and Equinoxes are moveable feasts and determined by the Sun, rather than by the anniversary of a calendar date.

As you align your personal calendar to Nature, you return to alignment with life and your energies harmonize with the season. Life is richer and easier, as you are aware of who and why, know how and when, and are in control of the what.

In this seminar you will learn this and much more:

  • Prepare by honing your clearing intention and tending to your physical and spiritual (magical) hygiene
  • Purify by charging up your own energy, then sending it out into the space
  • Invoke higher powers to turn up your power
  • Mix, customize and use your own energy clearing bath salts and enhance them with essential oil
  • Create and use your own energy clearing infusion using fresh herbs, gemstones, and spring water
  • Assemble your own rattle for using sound in energy clearing
  • Anoint candles to spark your intentions to life for any celebration or intention
  • Clear the energy of objects and spaces by smudging with sage
  • Cast a protective circle using sea salt
  • Call down the Sun and honor Fire
  • Discharge static energy by dropping into the Earth’s energetic field to ground yourself
  • Bless water for consumption, showers, pets, or even the rain
  • Perform a Hawaiian fire purification ceremony to instantly clear a space
  • Preserve your intentions and define your territory via written inscriptions and runes
  • Install and charge light shields



The Autumn Equinox seminar is centered around the element of Water. The Sun moves now to a position below the celestial equator. The days and nights are equally long (equal nights = equi+nox). Equinoxes are moveable feasts, determined by the position of the Sun, rather than by the anniversary of a calendar date.

As you choose to align your personal calendar to Nature this Equinox, you return to alignment with life and your energies harmonize with the season. Life is richer and easier, as you decide what and who are most important and why. As you learn how and when, you enrich the meaning in your life, and your life itself seems richer

In this seminar you will learn this and much more:

  • Define an intention as an invocation before beginning your energy work
  • Invoke the Gabriel: Angel of Water, Bringer of Autumn, Guardian of Communication
  • Draw down the moon and use each lunation’s water in your own infusions
  • Exorcise past relationship/divorce demons
  • Honor the Green Man energy of “Father Nature”
  • Bless a new broom and use it to sweep away ANYTHING under your feet
  • Mix and match your own Simmering Spices
  • Cast a secure circle of protection
  • Make your own sage wands for smudging
  • Enchant your own hazelnut charm for wisdom and ease of learning
  • Perform a Cinnamon Money Bath ritual to bring financial improvement
  • Stir up a Sky Suspension to bring richer communication and clarity of vision
  • Protect and bless a treasure box to hold and secure your personal belongings and energy working tools



This Winter Solstice seminar is centered around the element of Air. The Sun reaches its lowest point as it sweeps down to the Southern Hemisphere, bringing the year’s shortest day with the first day of Winter. The shortest day comes paired with the longest night.

With less than 10 hours of sunlight, you will find a joyous relief from the darkness in candlelight, firelight, and twinkle lights. Make sure you see fire every day to keep your energy levels up in Winter—especially if you are a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius).

In this seminar you will learn this and much more:

  • Bring the energy of the Green Man into your home and your life
  • Make your own Pennsylvania Dutch Hex (Protection Blessing) Medallion
  • Perform the Chen Pi Energy Clearing Ritual (Tibetan tantric high-octane stuff!)
  • Disconnect from a house you want to sell
  • Tap into the healing powers of herbal teas
  • Tie up some Mistletoe Magic to banish misery and promote love
  • Use incense to imbue your intentions into your spaces and spells
  • Blast out the bad year and bring in the new!
  • Make Magic Misters to chase away the Drearies and Cross-patches
  • Sew Magic Stitching Charms for safety and serenity
  • Anoint your Winter Solstice Candle and other Candle Magic Elements
  • Purify a space using clapping
  • Perform the Breath of God energy clearing technique


We will also go through a step-by-step checklist for setting up your own sacred spot. Here you can honor your God, goddess, angels, ancestors, saints, and self. Here you create a sanctuary and nurture your own serenity. It can be a tiny shelf on a wall or a table top. It can be a mantle or the top of your dresser. It will be your spot! 



You are always invited to come again and join the fun in following seasons. There will always be new activities you haven't done and fun crafts to create, all of which are included in your tuition. Returning alumni enjoy $100 off, with tuition reduced to ONLY $99. Register at least a week early so I have time to get materials for you too!



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YOU are the Magic and
the Magic is YOU

Everyone has the ability to add magic to their lives, YOU included. Whether you are cooking up some sweet loving in a batch of brownies, stirring up the senses with a bouquet of flowers, or letting someone you care about feel your love and affection, your personal magic is what makes you YOU. You are treasured for your unique and special talents. Your thoughtful gestures enhance the magic in the lives of others too.

You are here so that you can do a bit of house cleaning at the energetic level. This work starts with cleaning and clutter clearing at the physical level, but is truly polished and finished by your work with the light and clarity of energy.
You have the focus and intention to do this job. Now, with The Fine Art of Energy Clearing, you have the information, the steps, the things to watch out for. These materials begin with an Introduction, continue through the four Energy Clearing sections, and end with the Appendices.

If you can't attend the workshops or have no interest in the certification, simply get yourself the book, The Fine Art of Energy Clearing by the Cycles of the Seasons. If you'd like it autographed, click here to purchase it from me. If you live outside of the U.S. or don't much care about the autograph, simply get it here on Amazon.com.

This isn’t woo-woo weird stuff. It’s just tending to the energy fields of your space by working with things that are vibrating at levels outside of the visible spectrum. You do this by invoking the four elements and using variations of those elements: sound (air), scent (air), fire, (air), smoke (air and fire), water, crystals (earth), and your thoughts. Most especially thought, as everything begins with your thought.

You are taking your first steps towards being energetically responsible. Smile. Your home and work environments will soon resonate with a touch of your own practical magic!



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