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Feng Shui Consulting

Most of us didn't grow up in Asia and have little experience with this ancient philosophy. I know that when I first heard about feng shui, I thought to myself, "Seriously? What you have in your environment and where you have it can affect your life?!" (To watch the video as I tell this story, just click here OR the image to the right.)

So, as I have always done, I set about doing what I like to call "margarita research." I got a book, studied a while, then tried if for myself. And, much to my surprise, I got some really great results. My husband, who was helping with the big stuff, was so impressed he asked me if I could do it some more. (Read that story here.)

I provide advice about physical energetic environments - in person, via photos or floorplans. I also offer analysis and recommendations for the two dimesnional evironments in logo designs, print layouts, and web design. These services are charged on a per minute basis.

What to Expect (Here's a link to a video that shows you exactly what to expect!)

Once we begin discussing your situation, whether for your home or work, I will be checking out the area landforms, fault lines, and geographic landforms via satellite.

I will always bring a plan for your transcendental energy shift with me, though we will have discussed which one and what you might need to have on hand.

I arrive at your consultation with an exclusive copy of my book, E to the Power of 3, the written results of an I Ching divination, in which I asked what I need to know to best serve you. I also bring printouts of satellite images of your place and explain your challenges while providing several solutions.

You don't have to stress over taking notes during the consultation. I audio record the entire consultation, then send it to you on CD to listen at your convenience. You can listen to them in your car or computer or stereo system at your leisure.

Each time I come to an area in your space which I perceive can be enhanced, I will explain to you what the primary energy field is and provide several options for how to enhance it. The key here is that the enhancement chosen is comfortable for you, and that if feels right. You will know when it doesn't, and I always have creative suggestions for you.

I always recommend that you enhance the energies of your space with items which have meaning for you. Avoid living with things which have no meaning for you because then your space and your life are filled with meaningless stuff.

After we have completed your consultation, I will mail you the audio CDs and a form for up to five Feng Shui Follow Up sessions. Each 20 minute follow up session is done via Zoom or FaceTime, and focuses on one of each of the five elements. You can use your smart phone to show me what you've done and ask questions about anything you're unsure of. I will evaulate what I see and make additional suggestions if needed.

You are invited to email me any additional questions and I will be happy to respond. You may also request that I submit your situation to the Houston Feng Shui Council for their input to contribute even more ideas for you to try.

Also, as one of my Feng Shui Consultation clients, you will be eligible to Freshen Your Feng Shui each year at a greatly reduced rate. There is more information on what this entails on this page.

Feng Shui Consulting | Virtual Consultations | Residential Feng Shui | Commercial Feng Shui | Personal Feng Shui
Feng Shui Fun On The Run (Blog) | Professional Energy Clearing | Feng Shui Adventures | Feng Shui Parties |
Feng Shui Friendly Real Estate Evaluations

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The Invisible & Elusive

These characters say feng shui, which translates loosely as Wind Water. This name was chosen because the wind - although invisible - can relentlessly blow and change the shape of the environment, and the water - although elusive - can only be held onto with an open palm.

Thus the invisible and ungraspable elements of any environment affect those who live and work within. It is with the understanding of Nature that you can intentionally create an environment to support, comfort, and ease life. The objective of those who employ feng shui is to in harmony with the flow of energy through life.



" After you told us how to improve our home the money started flowing again. We removed all the clutter blocking it and my hubby got a promotion and a raise!"
- Diane Forster Litchauer

"Thank you for all your help, Trisha. I believe that what you do makes a big difference. I will be always grateful for what you taught me."

-- Debbie

"Hi Trisha!

Love your newZine! Thanks so much!
I'm in the process of moving furniture and getting new mattress!
Landscaper is coming this week to do patio!
You are the BEST!!!"


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