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Feng Shui Practitioner Directory

Each person listed below has thoroughly trained with me through an intense week of hands-on experience and instruction. These uniquely qualified individuals are gifted in different areas of specialty. I have witnessed their gifts and I recommend each of them without reservation.

NOTE: If you find a phone number or email address that is no longer current, please email me so I can update it.



Liz Chukwu
Blackboys, Uckfield, East Sussex
Areas of Specialty:
Healer of Spirits and Spaces
Feng Shui Face Reading
Psychic Precognition,
Intuitive Understanding of Repeating Emotional Patterns




Tami Krauss
Modesto, CA
Areas of Specialty:
Home Staging & Redesign
Evaluation & Support



Janice Fitzgerald
New Port Richey, FL
Areas of Specialty:
Intuitive Insight, Energy Awareness,
Personal Empowerment



Andrea Rowland

Areas of Specialty:
Visionary, Integral Insight & Intuition



Claudia Lombard
St. Louis, MO
Areas of Specialty:
Divination, Energy Awareness & Intuitive Insight


Roz Thompson
Tulsa, OK
Areas of Specialty:
Dowsing, Precognition & Intuition


Cande Brandow
San Antonio, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Business Promotion, Personal Transformation, Goal Manifestation

Julie Bell Buras
Friendswood, TX
713 992-8898 
Areas of Specialty:
Intuitive Insight, Psychological Support,
Emotional Sensitivity, Personal Cheerleader

Sachin Chowdhry
Houston, TX
Area of Specialty: Real Estate

Sarah deGrood
Amarillo, TX
Areas of Specialty: Architecture, Interior Design, Intuitive Insight

Debbie Edwards
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Intuitive Insight, Emotional Sensitivity,
Angelic Connections & Interior Design

Vanja Fetahajic
Houston, TX
Contact Via Email Please
Areas of Specialty:
Psychic Intuitive, Emotional Sensitivity,
Clutter Control & Interior Design

Diane Griffin Gregory
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty: Art Consultant,
Intuitive, Reiki II Healing,
Advanced Feng Shui Professional/Houston Feng Shui Council

Lindsay Haynes
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Psychic Intuitive, Personal Transformation, Goal Manifestation

Cynthia Hill
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty: Real Estate,
Healing, Clarity, Insight & Vision

Louise Houston
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty: Keen Awareness,
Insight & Vision

Lisa Kaster
Conroe , TX
Areas of Specialty: Manifestation,
Psychic Intuitive, Power of Speech
Advanced Feng Shui Professional/Houston Feng Shui Council

Elizabeth Keel
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty: Simple Solutions,
Extrasensory Insight & Intuition

Elaine Landrum
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty: Making Change Happen, Insight,
Manifesting & Prophecy
Bonus Skills: Implementing Feng Shui in
Graphic Design & Websites

Jerri Mastren
Houston, TX
Please Contact via Email

Areas of Specialty: Manifesting Intention, Scripting New Futures,
Intuitive Insight, Supportive Staging, Minimal Interference

Advanced Feng Shui Professional/Houston Feng Shui Council

Rhonda Oden, PhD
Spring, TX

Areas of Specialty: Angel Therapy, Certified Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Guide,
Reiki, Magnified Healing, Color & Light Sessions, Crystal Therapy, and More

Robin Peck
Clear Lake, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Healing, Empathic Insight & Intuition
More Information about Robin

Kathryn Riccio
Areas of Specialty:
Landscape Architect

Paul Armstrong Richards
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty: Channeling Intuitive,
Divination, Akashic Records,
Reiki Master, Massage Therapy, Self-Image Enhancement

Patsy Rodriguez
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Keen Awareness of Emotional Energy,
Compassionate Intuitive
Speaks Spanish (Moderate)
Advanced Feng Shui Professional/Houston Feng Shui Council

Michelle Romedy
Pearland, TX
Areas of Specialty: Animal Communication, Clutter-Buster,
Reiki, Psychic, Integral Insight & Intuition

Suzanne Roper
San Antonio/Boerne, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Reiki Master, Intuitive,
Certified Holistic Life Coach

Eileen Sanders
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, Clairvoyant,
Divination & Energy Clearing

Ninfa Seloff
Clear Lake, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Natural Alignment with Grace,
Compassionate Intuitive
Advanced Feng Shui Professional/Houston Feng Shui Council

Trina Vaughn
Jefferson, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Intuitive Feng Shui Consultant
specializing in Career & Fame

Marty Wilson
Bay City, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Clarity and Focus with Joy of Purpose
& Lighthearted Common Sense

Joyce Young
Houston, TX
Areas of Specialty:
Emotional Healer & Intuitive Listener
Advanced Feng Shui Professional/Houston Feng Shui Council

NOTE: There are many who train as Professional Feng Shui Practitioners who want the wisdom, but don't necessarily want others to know they know - you know? And that's fine too. Your listing is included only with your permission. You are always free to direct me to delete it, add to it, or change it. This is a lifetime listing and will stay active until you deactivate it.

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Quality Over Quantity

I provide training in classes of ONLY
3 or 4 students, ONLY 3 or 4 times a year. I feel that the best learning happens by doing, rather than in a classroom reading about doing. Tomorrow's Key training is designed to provide both. These practitioners have not only witnessed the performance of energy work, they have performed the ceremonies themselves.

While they have developed lifelong friendships with one another through their learning experiences, they also share their adventures and questions in a Facebook group forum. Thus, these Practitioners have a regular stream of exposure and continuing education via the virtual setting, regardless of where they live.



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