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Sparking Productivity with The Magic of YOU!

When you are ready to put the spark back into the eyes and the lightness back into the steps of your group, charge them up with the unique program that brings back the magic and the meaning of all they do: The Magic of YOU!

People get numb after doing the same old thing without adding their personal magic or holding onto the meaning of what they do. That numbness spreads like wildfire from the numb to those they interact with.

Ask someone how they are. If they answer with the meaningless reply of "Fine" you've got numbness on your hands. Wouldn't you rather they answer with "Magnificent!"? As simple as this example sounds, it points directly to a person who knows the magic of their own powers:

  • The power of sweet speech
  • The power of bright enthusiasm
  • The power of making folks feel "felt"


These are just a few of the wonderful ways the members of your group can stir up some magic at work. No matter the size of the group or the time you have for a speaker, Trisha Keel will energize your group and supercharge their personal magic. The boss will notice, the colleagues will celebrate, and the customers will be thrilled.

The Magic of YOU!

The Magic of YOU! is a program which enhances job performance and helps people fall in love with their jobs all over again. This presentation can be provided in a one-hour presentation and as a half day workshop, depending on your needs. You and your Board of Directors will thrill to watch your staff remember their own power, then flex it as they move into greater alignment with joyful collaboration. The bottom line will strengthen as their productivity soars.

Thrill to See Your Staff:

  • Remember their many unique skills
  • Identify how they bring magic to any encounter
  • Take responsibility and release blame
  • Actively plan and schedule their activities
  • Smile more - more widely and more often
  • Stengthen their self-esteem to set healthy boundaries
  • Collaborate for the success of the greater group
  • Actively listen to colleagues and clients
  • Use foresight and creative thinking to solve problems
  • Dare to make suggestions and set higher goals


This presentation charms audiences from start to finish. Take photos of your staff before they come into the room and again afterwards because you'll be amazed at how everyone shines after this workshop. Standing ovations and cheers are signs of a happy group.

Virtual Presentation of The Magic of You

Download the audio file and support materials as PDFs for this inspiring presentation to enhance your own career and self-confidence. ONLY $97!


All presentations are adaptable to short sessions or weekend seminars, as your group requires. Prices vary according to the size of the group. Call today at 713-952-5429 to schedule your presenation and watch how everyone in your group is supercharged with energy - as if by MAGIC!

Motivational Speaking | Living HeartWise | The Magic of YOU at Work | Beam Team Building- Let Them Shine! | Curriculum Designed to Meet Your Needs

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Remember to Remember:
Your Power is In Your
Awareness of Your Power

The premise behind the Magic of YOU series is that everyone is powerful, we simply forget, or believe we have given our power away, or just don't think about it.

This training is specifically designed to reconnect people to their appreciation of their lives and world; the strength of their own hearts and minds; and the spirit inside which inspires them to try new things or experiment wth new possibilities that lead to breakthroughs.

The circular statement goes around infinitely, but still we forget:

Your Power is In Your Awareness of Your Power is In Your Awareness of Your Power is In Your Awareness of …

Stay in awareness. Therein lies your power. When you know how powerful you truly are, you can create, enchant, and charm with ease.



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