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Opportunities to Learn & Grow

In all times and places, each culture had their Mystery Schools and Traditions. These Esoteric Paths of Training reached beyond Morality and Philosophy to that Spiritual Alchemy which transformed the Spiritual Seeker into a Conscious Co-Creator, and empowered them to take up the work of Spiritual Evolution upon this Planet.

The internal disciplines of Visualization, Concentration and, at last, real Meditation, were designed to produce those evolutionary changes and growth within the brain, which allowed the indwelling Consciousness greater perception and creativity within the arena of matter.

The title of Adept or Master meant the mastery of mental, emotional and physical matter. This was not abandonment, but the joyful recreation of our world into harmony with the Divine Plan.

This class, The Nature of the Soul, provides in-depth training in this Art and Science. Step by step, via progressive techniques, the student will be instructed in those practices which will unfold the Soul within the Personality, and which will allow that Soul to take up its Service within our World.

Although this training lasts about two years, the student is encouraged to attend only as long as he or she is learning and growing. The techniques taught are a synthesis of Eastern and Western Mystery Tradition, but are especially designed for the Western Student. Subjects included in this training are Esoteric Anatomy, Planetary History, Rays and Initiations, Transmutation, Conscious Creativity, and Service.

You are most welcome to join us in the unfolding of The Nature of the Soul.

To Register for The Nature of the Soul

To reserve your spot in the next session, email me your name and address: trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com.

This class will be conducted online through Zoom software, which is free to download from www.zoom.us. You can attend class via your computer, digital tablet, or smart phone. The student will be able to both see and hear the instructor via computer or mobile device. Students can interact and ask questions as the class is conducted. All course materials are delivered as pdfs via email. All classes are audio recorded for later review or in case you must miss a lesson. These are delivered as mp4 files via an email link.

I recommend that you have a 3 to 4 inch 3-ring binder to store your class materials. You will need a hole punch. It is also recommended that you keep a journal of all the techniques as they are taught to document your experiences with them as well as your results. This may be any sort of a journal, from a composition book to a moleskin, according to your personal preference.

Tuition for this training is US$60 per month. Some months have more weeks than others, but it all works out, so don't stress over breaking this down to weekly payments. You may mail me a check monthly to Trisha Keel, 5223 Mimosa Drive, Bellaire, TX 77401.

I also accept payments via PayPal, which you may make whether or not you have a PayPal account, using your debit or credit card, as you prefer.

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NOS Advanced Training - Levels 1 and 2

After completion of the Nature of the Soul (NOS) training, there are two levels of Advanced Training available. These provide Teacher Training for those of you called to serve humanity and the planet as both move towards their next levels of initiation. This training is not taught from a published book, nor is the material available to the public from anyone who did not actually participate in the original delivery of the Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom back in the 1960s, or from their students.

The NOS training continues the disciple's initiation process with the addition of many more techniques for service and support. Whether students intend to teach or not, this training takes them to their higher paths into the future. Instruction comes from several different Masters. In addition to M, DK, and R, you receive instruction from KH, who worked with Blavatsky herself, and Master John, who was incarnate in physical dense in the 1970s. There is even a visit from the Master Jesus, short, but sweet. All lessons now include interactions with the actual students in the original training, their answers and questions, as well as the responses of the Masters. This reveals insights on a much more human level as we see these students are just as determined to figure this out as we are, while faking it till they make it. Their questions to the Masters give us some great leaps forward in our understanding and integration of the learning.

This training too includes supplementary enrichment ot help you the disciple grasp the many layers of growth through which you have already lived, as well as providing techniques to help yourself as you expand into your next level of the Wisdom.

Advanced NOS TrainingExplore these and other subjects in Level 1:

  • Group Consciousness
  • Soul Infusion
  • Building of Persona Relationships
  • Subconscious Life
  • The Five-Pointed Star
  • Reincarnation
  • The Hierarchy Externalization
  • Conflict - Saving Face
  • Recapitulation of the Ashramic Position
  • Dealing with Dangers beyond the Mental Periphery
  • Finances
  • TheTure Light Body
  • The Death Process
  • Devas
  • Glamour Clean-up
  • Protection


All classes are recorded each week. Tuition is $60/month. There are no contracts, no penalities for withdrawal. Stay only as long as you feel you are benefitting from the learning.

Register for Advanced Training, Level 1 here:


NOS Level 2 TrainingExplore these and other subjects in Level 2:

  • Thought Manifestation by the Cycle of the Moon
  • Spiritual Soul Consciousness
  • Sharing the Wisdom of the Soul with Humanity
  • Magnetizing Higher Levels of Grace
  • Restoring Balance as Needed
  • Understanding Consciousness
  • Deja Vu
  • Agni Chitzens/Fire Devas
  • Karmic Load of the Disciple
  • Ashramic Group Life
  • Telepathy
  • Ceremonial/White Magic
  • Conscious Creating
  • Calming Troubled Waters
  • Intelligence as the Elixer of Life



Register for Advanced Training, Level 2 here:



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Different Ways to Meditate and Different Results








Meditation methods can include a vast array of techniques. You may be quite comfortable simply sitting quietly and attending to your breathing. Some folks like to concentrate on a single word, such as "Om" or "Release" to keep their mind occupied and off random thoughts. Others prefer guided meditations which take them to lovely places in their minds. All are great ways to relax and recenter yourself.

These types of meditation are NOT what is taught in The Nature of the Soul. The meditation techniques of this training build, layer upon layer, to expand your conscious awareness, establish a connection between you and your Soul, and in the process of the extensive training, actually changes the structure of your brain.

Your experience of The Nature of the Soul will be yours alone. The teachings are not presented to tell you what to think. This is not a transfer of dogma or religious teachings. This is an exposure to the Ancient Wisdom which, if you practice and attend to the techniques, will be clear evidence to you that what you are doing is of great value.

It is not the purpose of this teaching to tell you what or how to think -- indeed it is not possible for it to do so. It is an opportunity for you to experience living as your Soul, on its level, according to its purpose and the Divine Plan.

"For those of you who seek authority behind the written word, the truth of this text must be proven via its application. A formulated concept is of value only if it can be worked out as a living truth within the life and affairs of Humanity. Therefore, do not look to the source of this teaching for its authenticity, but to the application of it within your own life and affairs."

--The Nature of the Soul


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