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Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training

Step Out as You Mean to Continue

As a professional educator and master teacher, I recommend that the best way to BE a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner, is to begin the very first day of your training as a professional. Dress professionally, have your hair and nails groomed, and present yourself as the Professional Feng Shui Practitioner you ARE as you step out the very first morning of class to perform a feng shui consultation. Whether you attend in person or virtually, you will be participating in extremely intimate areas of people's lives and will need to present yourself as professionally as possible, without being scary. It's a fine line, but if you simply dress like a teacher, you should be fine.


Your first day of class, you receive your own copy of the Chinese Book of Changes: the I Ching. I teach you how to tap into the ancient wisdom of this divination tool and you begin establishing your relationship with this advisor with the first question you ask.

We will review satellite imagery of the client's home and study geographic landforms to determine the energy of the environment. We will study the location's support of the Celestial Animals via computer, exploring the effects of neighbors, nearby businesses and schools, as well as traffic patterns for both cars and planes.

At every consultation you perform during the week, you will perform a Tibetan tantric ritual to ensure the energy shift at the transcendental level. You will also evaluate the energetic signature and recommend solutions for the clients. Never fear, you will be at my side, much as young doctors walk with older doctors, and I will be sure each experience is positive for you as well as the client.

Each day of the week's training you will perform a different ritual so that you will have actually had practice performing the different cures. You will know when to choose which ritual, and discover that your intuitive knowing will guide you to new cures you should also try. Each day of the training you will receive a special gift for you to use in your practice.

We return to the Tomorrow's Key studios to have lunch, debriefing as we drive back, discussing the experience. We spend the afternoon studying the information rich Tomorrow's Key Professional Feng Shui Practitioner's Resource Guide, covering these topics and more:

  • What is Energy? Eastern and Western philosophies
  • The Celestial Animals (The Five Elements)
  • The Tao
  • The Bagua Energy Map
  • The Creation and Control Cycles of Energy
  • Special Energy Situations and How to Deal with Them
  • The Chakras
  • How to Meditate
  • Divining Information - Answers from Beyond the Five Senses
  • Distance Dowsing for Energy Vortices and Ley Lines
  • Using Sound to Clear & Balance Energies
  • Feng Shui Friendly Design Evaluations
  • Performing Virtual Consultations - anywhere in the world!


After the afternoon's lessons, you will view different videos to expand your understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it manifests the environments you deal with in feng shui, the elements and how they are your world as well as you, and, if there is time, teaching from Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun as he performed feng shui consultations.

You will receive copies of my client interview forms, both printed and as PDF files on CD, along with many specially selected eBooks to add to your library. You will use these forms to keep track of the information you need to serve your clients as a Professional. We will discuss setting up a small business, options for your protection, as well as writing a business plan and beginning your marketing.

On the last day of class, we will visit the Chinese community here in Houston, shopping at an import-export company so you can establish your relationship with the owner and refill your stock of supplies whenever you need it. Here you will find cinnabar powder, joss papers, and great prices on crystals. We will visit other shops which carry items you need - as well as things you will want to use in your trade, such as Tibetan bowls, smudge wands, and swirled glass balls to deflect poison arrows.

All this and a new, life-long friendship with the others in the class launches you toward your new career. Previously trained practitioners will often join us, so you get to meet those with whom you will be in the private Facebook group.

I teach a very small class - limited to a maximum of 4 students - to ensure your best learning experience. You leave with hands-on experience, consultation experience, and the insight of having debriefed, shared, and discussed as it all unfolded. You have all of us to tap back into, whenever you need a bit of back-up.

You will be included in my Directory of Professional Feng Shui Practitioners, along with your area(s) of specialty and contact information. If you have a website, I will link mine to yours. You will be eligible to take the Advanced Feng Shui Training and join the ranks of the Houston Feng Shui Council (and that Facebook group).

You will also receive discounted rates for my Holistic Life Coaching and Single Services.

As part of your training, you are required to read these books:

  • Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter
  • Feng Shui, by Sarah Rossbach
  • Interior Design with Feng Shui, by Sarah Rossbach
  • The Modern Book of Feng Shui, by Steven Post
  • Feng Shui Fun: Using Margarita Research to Create Yummy Spaces, by Trisha Keel, PhD
  • Sacred Spaces, by Denise Linn


These books will be foundation pieces in your feng shui library. You don't have to memorize them, but you should work your way through them. A basic understanding is required to step out the first day as you intend to continue.

Training is provided three to four times a year, so there are a few opportunities to acquire this knowledge and experience with me in any given year. Tuition is $2000, and includes all your materials. Tuition needs to be paid in full at least a week in advance of the start of the training, so I have time to set up consultations, prepare your materials, and procure your supplies.

As always, the desire to learn trumps tuition. If you want this training, we can work out a payment plan for you.
Call me and we will create just what you need. You will need to make a $500 deposit to hold your place in your chosen session.

If you're good to go, register here using partial or full payment options:  


2023 Training Sessions

Tuition Prices Still Remain the Same!

Training Dates 2023:
February 20-24
June 19-23
October 9-13

PLUS Training On Demand: Choose your week and call me: 73-952-5429


Deposit and Layaway Payments of $500 Each - Make payments until you are paid in full

Your Training Dates:


Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training Tuition Single Full Payment - $2000

Your Training Dates:


Coming from out of town?

Fly into Hobby Airport or Bush Intercontinental. My address is 5223 Mimosa Drive, Bellaire, TX 77401. This is between The Galleria and Meyerland Center, on the near southwest side of town, just outside the 610 Loop.

For more information or to be sure there is room for you in the class of your choice, please call 713-952-5429.

Opportunites to Learn & Grow | Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training | Advanced Feng Shui Training | Feng Shui Workshops | Downloadable Feng Shui Training | Practical Magic Workshops | Fine Art of Energy Clearing Workshops |
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Your Resource Guide

This binder holds all sorts of treasures, secrets, and advice written just for you. 2015 brought a major upgrade in the contents of the Practitioner Resource Guide and your practice will be the richer for it.



“A life-changing learning event…

Learning Feng Shui under your guidance opened my eyes to a whole new lens of the Universe which gave me the ability to break through
mental barriers, heal hidden wounds, and, at 40, conceive the unimaginable - a healthy baby boy!

…Anything is possible with the right mindset and some Feng Shui magic!”
- Katy Riccio

"Trisha's knowledge and wisdom of all things - you can fill in the blank or use all - Feng Shui, energy work and practical magic - is that of a Encyclopedia Britainica (or the internet for you young folks!) She truly cares, encourages and brings out the best in me!

She is a true teacher, always willing to pause and answer my endless questions until I fully understand the concept! So personable and hands on.

Having the opportunity to do a Feng Shui consultation with her daily let me immediately put into use my new knowledge through practical application. I came home feeling confident to do my own consultations for my clients.

Trisha brings out the inner child in me that is so eager to learn more, like a 5 year old sitting cross legged in front of a great teacher, wanting to keep scooting up more and get closer to absorb all the wisdom she gives so freely! I didn't want the class to end each day and couldn't wait to get there the next!" - Christine Solano



You are invited to contact other students and ask about their training experiences. Simply visit the Directory of Professional Feng Shui Practitioners and email any of my team. We all love feng shui and welcome you to the team.


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