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Symbolism of the Tarot

Do You Feel that There Simply HAS GOT TO BE MORE TO LIFE than what you now see?

Has the time come for you to stop, look around, and check for chinks in the reality of your everyday life? Does everyone and everything seem so BLAH? so TRITE? so MEANINGLESS? Do you have a sense of knowing there really is MORE?

Welcome to your Age of Awakening. Your eyes are opening and expecting to see more. Your subconscious has likely been v-e-r-y active in your dreams, trying to get your attention, to let you know this shift was happening. Your entire world is changing - you are not crazy - right before your eyes. You are beginning to be able to see that what you think you see on the surface is actually an Illusion, perhaps even a Glamour. And you are paying attention.

The time has come to look deeper. If you are on this page, you are ready to learn some of the mysteries. Welcome to the mystery school I call the Portal Fiat Lux (Door to Enlightenment)!

My Story

I had just turned eight years old when my father died. When I viewed his body, I knew that what I was seeing wasn't my father - and I didn't care who told me it was! From that time on, I questioned everything. I looked deeper and deeper. If you have ever looked upon the body of a loved one, you too know that what is left is not what was. The interesting thing is that I knew it at such an early age, even in such a state of emotional upheaval.

While this is a typical Baby Boomer trait, it is also a trait of the lifelong student. My lifelong study of metaphysics moved to the Tarot and its mysteries in the late 1960s. No matter which topic I explore, I study the pros, the cons, the arguments, the fringe factor, and do my own personal research before I begin to distill the gold out of the mixture. By tapping into my teachings you start 50 years ahead of anyone else.

Let's Talk Tarot!

Now that I have taken my Let's Talk Esoterica group completely through the study of the symbolism of the Tarot, I have minimized and summarized all the information into a short, focused set of lessons. There are nine audio lessons, each about 90 minutes long. Each card of the deck has its own color page, with fill-in-the-blank statements to summarize the notes from my own personal Tarot guide book. The study of the deck is broken down into sections, but before we are even half way through, students are doing card readings. As a learning bonus, I have created additional note pages for readers to keep track of meanings they discover in special card combinations or from other unusual situations in layouts. Every Practical Workbook of the Symbolism of the Tarot will be unique to its creator - invaluable tools for life!

Instead of spending months or years, you can work your way through this curriculum at your own pace. With each lesson lasting only 90 minutes or less, you can fill out the workbook pages as you listen, pausing whenever you want to study the details a bit more carefully or speeding up things you already grasp. You will not only understand the symbolism of the Tarot cards, you also understand the imagery of dreams, marketing and media, and even sports teams. Once your wisdom has expanded to include this rich library of knowledge, you can use it wherever you go - no support devices are necessary - it will ALL be well programmed into your brain.


  • Read Tarot and understand life like never before with this database of esoteric knowledge
  • Understand the meaning of all the images on the Tarot cards, but also the meaning of images in your dreams
  • Extend your learning from the symbolism in the cards to a new understanding of marketing messages, company logos and sports team mascots
  • Read the cards for yourself, your family or friends to discover insights beyond what your five senses can tell you
  • Discover ancient mysteries which form the foundation of the symbols of the United States, as well as many major universities and private financial organizations
  • Expand your knowledge of the esoteric mysteries to grasp the subtle meanings in every culture and religion
  • Understand the symbolism of the Major Arcana and the human experience that flows them
  • Discern the Royalty of the Minor Arcana in your life, and learn their secrets
  • Discover insights specifically for your romantic relationships in reversed card meanings
  • Never be left in the darkness of ignorance again!


You Receive Lifetime Access to:

  • The nine Let's Talk Esoterica training audios
  • Adobe PDF of the entire Practical Workbook of the Symbolism of the Tarot
  • Adobe PDF of scans of MY own book full of notes on every page!
  • What to do before you read
  • How to set up for a reading
  • How to Exalt the Aces
  • Special card combination meanings for Aces and Royalty
  • Numerology of the Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana and Playing Cards
  • The Symbolism of 13
  • The Zodiac Energies
  • The Sephirothic Tree of Life
  • Symbolism of the Face Cards
  • Flower of Life symbolism worldwide
  • Tarot Reading Rules
  • And MUCH More!


Easy, Targeted Learning Designed for Anyone to Use

I've designed your learning experience to be as easy as filling in the blanks. You will have a copy of every page of my own book with all its notes. You will listen to the audio where I walk you through every meaning of every image - and share more information than is in the book itself. Finally, in case you get stuck on anything, you can always contact me for specific answers or more explanation. Simply email your question to me at trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com

This extraordinary program gives you full knowledge of all the symbolism in the Tarot, as well as the ability to read the cards for yourself or your friends. While you can find online training for prices ranging from $1100 to $2500, my price is only $497.

You will never find a resource as rich as this one for information
on the symbolism and meaning of the Tarot. I guarantee it!

To purchase, simply click the PayPal button. This is available to you whether or not you have a PayPal account. You can pay through PayPal using any debit or credit card. Should you need to make payment arrangements, I am always happy to work with anyone who seeks to learn. Email me at trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com and we will set up a payment plan.


How to Get Going



You will also need a sturdy 4-inch 3-ring binder and a set of 8 dividers. You will print out all your own materials for the workbook, which keeps production costs down.

Once you complete your purchase transaction, you will receive a thank you which will include a password to open the page where I have all these files stored so you can access them immediately - not just for 9 weeks or 9 months - they are available to you for LIFE!

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Similar online training is available for $1000 or more, and lasts up to 24 weeks. Not all training is comparable, however. Just because someone read a book or has learned to read the Tarot does not mean they can teach is symbology to others. If you are familiar with my workshops, books, and montly publications, you are aware the quality of materials and the value of the teaching I provide. Should you have any hesitation, however, I provide a hassle free 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


This is the RICHEST resource on the Tarot available in the world today for less than half of its original cost!


Yes - You CAN Do This!

There is NO other Tarot training that will give you such an in depth understanding of the esoteric meanings symbolized in the Tarot cards in only 9 short lessons! You don't have to memorize anything. You will learn as you listen and explore for yourself. You will always have access to your Practical Workbook of the Symbolism of the Tarot as your reference guide. It is not YOU saying what happens at any time, but the symbolism of the Tarot which you are fully aware of to share - or not share - as you feel is best. Sometimes, it is best to simply share the upper levels of the knowing. You will know how deep to go as you work with each reading.

Testimonial Adventure

I recently went with two of my LTE group members to see the Rubens exhibit of incredible tapestries at the Houston Museum of Fine Art. I was hugely proud to have my LTE students identify and explain MORE of the symbolism in the art than either the museum's write up OR the tour guide provided. True Story!

This is the RICHEST resource on the Tarot available in the world today for less than half of its original cost!



My Mission

While I certainly don't know everything about every topic, I do know quite a lot about quite a lot of things. It is my mission to provide you the knowledge which enlightens, encourages, and empowers you to live joyfully, honor your universal connections, and achieve your goals.


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So You Want More?

Why do you think the four archangels would be reading a book? What book do you figure it is? The books are clearly open and being consulted, rather than just being there and closed, so the archangels are being shown as AWARE of what "is written" - which is another way of saying they are aware of the "law."

If you were to calculate when Aquarius and Scorpio occur in the Wheel of the Year, you would be aware that Aquarius is February/March and Scorpio is October/November. Directly between them is the Winter Solstice - at 12 o'clock high on this card- or where you see the inverted letter T - which in Hebrew is Tau.

Tau stood for Heaven and the Pythagorean tetractys, which is the Tetragrammaton-the 4 letter name of G*d. These four letters are also placed on the Wheel of Fortune, interspersed between the word Taro(T) - if you read right to left as for English or the word Tora(h) - if you read left to right as for Hebrew. The unwritten (h) is the sound of the breath, which is the Spirit.

The Wheel itself in the middle of this card shows the mysterious Sphinx at the top, breast revealed to show her femininity, tail curled to show she is a lioness - a symbol of the Sun itself - which resides in the Heaven of the Tau. She carries the sword of Justice and signifyes the perfect equilibrium of the Universal Wisdom.

To the bottom right of the Wheel is Anubis, the Egyptian jackal-headed god of the afterlife. To the left of the Wheel is the snake, symbol of Typhon - known as Set in Egyptian mythology and the last son of Gaia (Mother Earth) - a gigantic and horrific (dragon? snake?) monster in Greek mythology. Whenever one of these two goes up, the other goes down - as such is the Cycle of Necessity. All good times must come to an end, as all hard times must also pass.

Sometimes this card is drawn so the Wheel is supported by a single column which rests in a boat upon a body of water. That water represents the Ocean of Illusion.

This card, like all the cards, has deeper and deeper meanings. The deeper you go, the more rich is your understanding of the thoughts symbolized by the card itself. The numerology of the 10, the lines in the center of the Wheel, and even the colors chosen by the artist -- all these convey meaning to the initiated. You, my friend, now are aware of enough imagery in this card to realize that the Wheel of Fortune never stops spinning, whether you are thinking of it or not.

Remember, there is nothing which is inherently bad, except you say it is. That includes any card in this deck or any event or person in your life.


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