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Feng Shui Testimonials

Mailbox Money

Recently, during a feng shui consultation and energy clearing focused to bring in greater financial flow, my clients received an unexpected check for $10,000!! They called after I had left to tell me how shocked and pleased they were.

Enjoy The Front Door Difference

My sister recently decided to redo her front sidewalk, and asked for feng shui advice before she finalized her plans. While I liked all she was considering, from the curves to the color, I recommended adding width to the walkway, so that two people could comfortably come together to her door.

She called to let me know that since the project was completed she had been amazed with her results!

  • She got a brand new and very lucrative client
  • She was repaid a debt she had completely given up on ever getting
  • She had an article published about her two months ahead of schedule, just in time to promote her products for the holidays
  • And even more!

More Money Movement

It was so great to meet you - I had a blast. The day after fixing the money corner, my husband got another share option grant. We were able to refinance our house at 1/2 our current mortgage rate and approval for our car port came through!

- Liz B, Katy, TX

Student Testimonials

I Am Honored to Be in the Same Sentence with Joel Osteen!

Between you and Joel Osteen on XM, I've been able to gently steer my husband into "my" world.

- Debbie, Virginia

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again - Thank Goodness!

I signed up for The Art of Living Your Life with the specific goals of uncovering, identifying, addressing, resolving, and releasing specific repeating patterns in my life. These patterns reflected personal issues I wanted to change. Abandonment, failing to set boundaries, and putting others first are but a few.

Although I thought, time and again, that I had "dealt" with these things, they would pop up again when I least expected it. And each time, the situation would be more intense than the time before - insisting that it be addressed. Finally, I decided that it was time to stop the pattern and look at the lessons I needed to learn.

For me, much of this course work has been deeply painful and difficult. Ultimately, I have learned that these feelings, these issues, are all a result of how I choose to feel about the events that happen in my life. I have learned to use new mental tools which help me respond instead of react. Now I am in control of me and my mind. And, I have learned that I am the only person who is truly responsible for my happiness, success, and joy.

The Art of Living Your Life is amazingly result-oriented. You get out of this as much - or more - than you put into it. It is easy to understand and refer back to for clarification and as a resource. As with all learning, once you know it, you never "unknow" it.

Trisha is a magnificent guide/teacher in this process. Because she has created and worked through this program herself, her explanations and examples are easy to understand and implement.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a richer, happier life. Truly, you have the ability to create the life of your dreams, but to do so, you have to be present and actively participate. The Art of Living Your Life provides a road map for one of the most amazing journeys you will ever undertake. Nothing will ever be the same again.

- Sheri A., Houston


I Am a Stronger Person

The Art of Living Your Life classes were wonderful. As your go on from one week to the next week's class, you find yourself already there or already experiencing the changes.

The wonderful changes in my life include my new job and new friends. I have also learned not to worry or stress so much about the material things I don't have, and instead love what I do have. The classes have made me look at life so differently - and by differently I mean I feel wonderful and blessed by the people in my life. I feel I am a stronger person than before. The things I want to do to succeed that I used to put in the back of mind as "not possible" - now I DO believe they are possible. I FEEEEL it in my heart and my soul.

Trish is a very wonderful Teacher. She tells you straight out like it is. She has nothing to hide. I MARVEL at times that I can continue my education with Trish and the other friends this class brought into my life.

- Patsy R., Houston


I Consciously Choose

This class, The Art of Living Your Life, has been an eye-opener for me. Through some of the exercises, I have been able to look at the role I have chosen to frequently reprise in this life. I realized it wasn't a conscious choice and and that it was not a role I wanted to be in.

I have been able to identify my usual responses to external stimuli, and, instead of following routine reactions, I consciously choose to live the role I want to see myself in.

I also have learned to use the mind tools to flip the negative thoughts that would plague me and pull me down, into more positive thoughts that discontinue the bad cycle I am in and take me to a much better feeling thought.

- Carolyn O., Friendswood


I'm Making Mini Miracles!

While I love everything about The Art of Living Your Life, the other day I realized just how much things have changed for me.

I was on the freeway in a pouring rainstorm. The cars were almost at a standstill. I had come a long way and was afraid I'd be late to a dental appointment.

I realized I was getting very tense and decided to play with some of the techniques I have learned in class. So, I decided everything would turn out better than I could imagine and easier than I ever hoped...and just let go.

As the clouds began to break up and the traffic began to flow, I smiled really big as I realized I had just manifested my first mini-miracle! I love this class!

- Monica G., Clear Lake


Clearing Out Old Baggage

I have changed the way I view life and events since taking this class lead by the author/designer Trisha Keel. I enjoyed the way she was able to take us through the class with lots of fun and laughter. The first part where we are clearing out old baggage and beliefs we no longer need was a little challenging at times but as I continued it was easier and easier.
By going through The Art of Living your Life I have been able to change the feeling of what I don’t want into something I do want. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to live a life where you are in control and want to stop letting outside influences keep you from getting what you want. We are here to enjoy this life – key word JOY!!

- Jerri M., San Antonio


Honor My Unique Qualities and Love Myself

For the past six months I have been working with Trisha Keel in a small group setting learning the Art of Living Your Life. I felt it was high time to nurture myself after spending so much energy on others. By investing in ME, I have truly brought about positive changes in how I view myself, family, circumstances and others.
The materials provided have caused me to look inwardly in a different way and far more deeply than I ever had. Some of what I discovered was unflattering, however I am able to change it with new tools gained from the class. Oftentimes, we as women spend a lot of energy on our appearance, hair, clothing et cetera, but neglect the inner self.
I learned how to really feel if something was right for me and make the best choice. By using my mind and thoughts, I am able to speak into existence the type of life that I really do want. We all know what we DON'T want. Focusing on what we DO want is how it comes to us.
Opening up my heart valve lets me accept and honor my unique qualities and love myself. An extra bonus I took away from this short course is something I value tremendously... new friends who encourage and empower each other. No regrets here!

- Lisa K., Kingwood


Letters from Trainees



Thank you so much for all your knowledge, wisdom and guidance you provided mixed with a ton of fun and laughter. The numerous on site consultations we did was invaluable. I couldn't imagine sitting through lectures and then trying to go out and do this without the practice. Your combined teaching with the consultations was so real. I now have all the confidence to go out and do this on my own.

Thank you so much!
Kansas City, Missouri


What a magnificent week! Great honor to be taught by a great teacher and finish with such a confidence. I am so grateful for that opportunity. Thank you Trisha.

What a perfect quote for me, for today: "A new life comes from a new way of thinking; from a new set of thoughts and ideas that replace the unconscious mode of mind functioning. The emergence of new ideas marks the beginning of the destruction of the old pattern. "-Venerable Master Miao Tsan

Vanja Fetahagic
Houston, TX


I have been interested in Feng Shui for quite some time. When I finally made the commitment to further my education and immersion in feng shui, I started my search for a teacher. I looked at several people but when I came across Trisha's website and read the information there, it resonated with my frequency. I knew that Trisha was offering not just the material but was offering it in a manner that ties the person to the material.

I found out a lot about myself from taking the course. I started looking at things differently and became more conscious of things around me. People have been amazed at what Feng Shui can do.

The small class size created a nurturing environment in which to learn. Trisha is very knowledgeable and personable. The information is fascinating and the class ended way too soon! I truly treasure my time spent with my class.

I think our goal in life should be to feel better (thank you Abraham and Jerry and Esther Hicks!) and Feng Shui helps you do just that.

Michelle Romedy
Bay City TX


I am not a person who can sit easily through workshops or seminars but Trisha's approach to a week-long Feng Shui workshop was thoroughly engrossing and exciting. Never a dull moment!! She uses a variety of teaching methods and hands-on activities to explain and demonstrate Feng Shui.

The on-site training consultations were outstanding learning experiences! I learned soooooo much and absorbed so much more. Trisha individualizes her instructions and finds out where each persons' talents are and hones them. As a person who normally dreads workshops I can highly recommend this one and would not hesitate to take another one. In fact, I actually look forward to more!!

After my Feng Shui training I came home, cleared out my clutter and opened an antique and resale shop and am using what I learned to maximize my shop and profits. What a lifechanging experience!

Roz Thompson
Tulsa OK



I want to sincerely thank you for the professionalism and wisdom you provided in our Tomorrow's Key Feng Shui class. The course provided each of us with diverse and interesting experiences.

It is without reserve that I embrace you for your knowledge and teaching skills. Your encouragement throughout the class will always remind me that this profession is a sacred space and as a practitioner of tomorrow, my skills are welcomed in all realms of humanity.

The energy each of us harmoniously demonstrated for the client was awesome! I know our group shares the knowledge that every home responded in an uplifting and positive action. Just to be there was incredible! I know my heart speaks for all attending, whether student or client.

We appreciate you and believe we can and will make a difference in our society.

Eileen Sanders,

Houston, TX


Hi Trisha!

Thanks for the fantastic experience with your Feng Shui knowledge! I am still feeling connected to each of you and miss the sharing of all of the energy! I was overflowing with the concepts and experiences and the ways that we "stood under" so many wonderful people.

I hope you have had some wonderful feedback from "our clients" and that each of them has come back to you for additional clearing and blessings - in the best way and at the right time, of course.

Thanks, again, Trisha, for sharing your wisdom and vivacity and love! It's all DELICIOUS!

Diane Gregory
Houston, TX

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What Trainees are Saying...

Very well done and congratulations. It takes a lot to keep my interest for 8 hours!


Trisha is brilliant. Taking a lot of complex ideas and information and presenting it so you can apply it immediately is an art.

Thank you!

I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm. Great Job!

High energy instructor!

Now I can better serve my clients who are knowledgable about feng shui. It will also enable me to proved more intelligent space and energy design for all my clients.

Great insightful tools for increasing productivity profit wellness in design. Very nice overview of a large topic.

EXCELLENT! I have more awareness to how environments influence people.

Great course!

It's all about the energy.

This course is an investment in myself and my design. Wow.

You need to take this training.

Get busy and sign up!

You're going to have fun and learn a lot!

Come with an open mind, but come!

I'm going to market this as a design philosophy.

I'm going to incorporate this understanding of energy into my healthcare environments to encourage better healing.

I highly recommend this course.

Now I can discuss feng shui friendly techniques with my clients.

I can use what I learned today in the design of houses as well as corporate offices.

Feng Shui Friendly Desing can be used in health facilities as a therapeutic tool for recovery of patients.

Now I see energy and design from a different perspective.

I already do this stuff intuitively. It's nice to know WHY it works.

This strengthened my design skills and helped me to better serve my clients. You should take the course.

This provides a completely different perspective on design and is worth listening to.

This training will help me relate to clients who want feng shui design and are knowledgable.

This training made me more aware of energy issues.

This helped me understand how to create environmental balance with nature.

I can now offer services clients have been asking gfor.

Great information! Now I have a better understanding of the principles and elements of feng shui.

This training has created more awareness of my clinets' comfort and security.

This forced me to think about the layout of neighborhoods. Great course. Applications beyond residential design.

This complements my studies of environmental psychology.

Very educational. This opens your eyes to different philosophy.

This training will help you expand your service base to your clients and yourself.

Interesting - good course.

Fun, informative, practical. Now I have something to offer my clients who have been requesting this skill.

Here are some viable alternatives for serving clients interesting in living comfortably.

I have gained design principles from another perspective.

This course will make you a better designer.

I gained respect for this science and can put it to practical use.

This will come in handy when considering energy flow to facilitate human activity - learning, shopping, and more.

I am better prepared for designing functional spaces with regard to energy flow. This is definitely a course you should take to experience another avenue of design.

This course is enlightening and an excellent into to the principles and understanding of feng shui!!

I liked the teaching of the principles first and then the application.

I highly recommend this training. It is well worth the time. I gained so much more from this than other HSW courses since it is different and specialized. This adds value in that it can be applied to personal life too.

Very helpful!

This training raised my design awareness to a new level. Take it! Lots of great energy!

I have already been involved in another job with feng shui. I wish I had had this before! Very worthwhile.

You have to take this course.

Awesome. Must experience! Interesting and usable information.

So many times we know a space feels good, but we don't know why. This material explains so much of what we might have suspected about energy. It's nice to know how it works.

This adds more experience to my business. The more diverse offerings, the better.

I highly recommend this course to my colleagues and peers.

This course can help you increase your bottom line by better understanding your potential customers' needs and desires.

This class is an eye-opener to energy forces in the world.

Now I am motivated to remove the clutter and stay organized!

Every home building professional needs to take this course!

More people should know that they can have this class in their own office - I just called Trisha and asked! This was so convenient!

Trisha is a very engaging and interesting presenter, with a thorough knowledge of her subject. This was an excellent experience!

Very fun! Trisha is very knowledgeable but does not teach by just "talking." She is open to questions and new ways to look at things.

I left with 10 times the energy I started with. A must for all designers!

The course had great content, but the way it was presented was over the top. Great discussions and interactive conversations!

It's one thing to read and learn. It's another when you can learn from someone who delivers the information in a way that is fast and fascinating, and most of all, lots of fun.

Without a doubt, the mosts intellectually stimulating and delightful CE classes I have attended.



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