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The Mysteries Revealed…Lunch & Learn with Trisha

Have you always been curious about the occult? Do you have a reputation for asking the hard questions? Are you the who is connecting the dots while everyone else is asking, "Huh?"


Plan now to enjoy some fresh Friday fun with a taste of the metaphysical secrets you have always wondered about! Register today for The Mysteries Revealed; Lunch & Learn with Trisha and get the Wisdom you seek.

Let's have lunch together at noon (Central) on Fridays. It doesn't matter whether you are at your desk, in a cafe, or picnicking in the park, as long as you've got a digital device.

We will explore the hidden mysteries of all the ages, looking at both sides - science and theology - and deciding for yourself about how the Truth balances between the dualities of Science and Theology, the Cosmogenesis and the Anthropogenesis, and the past and the future.

Simply download Zoom into your phone, tablet, or computer (free at www.zoom.us/download). Subscribe for $60/month below.

I will provide PDFs of books and documents as they are available, or point you toward books you may want to have, but for the most part, you simply need your ears and your mind to participate. Take notes and sketch illustrations as we go.

We begin with Isis Unveiled - not the terrorist organization, the ancient Egyptian goddess who is the feminine archetype for creation. This book was written by Helena Blavatsky and published in New York in 1877. Access and/or download a PDF of the first volume here.

Topics from Volume 1: Science that will be addressed include:

  • Alchemy - seeking spirit in matter
  • Astral light - ether, chi, anima mundi
  • Akasa - the sky god
  • Anthropology - the science of man
  • Devas - angels or daemons
  • Demiurge - Supreme Architect
  • Druids - wisdom of the pagans
  • Elementals - gnomes, sylphs, undines, and salamanders
  • Essenes - healers
  • Hermes - god of Wisdom, Thoth
  • Magi - fire worshippers
  • Pagan gods - powers of the Unseen
  • Pitris - ancestor spirits
  • Shamans- male & female magicians
  • Soma - subconscious mind
  • Spirit - the Divine father
  • Soul - the Divine within
  • And much more!


The purpose of this revelation of the mysteries is to present information for your consideration. The religions, philosophies, and universal traditions of humanity have always been imbued with opinions and dogma, thus evoking contempt.

You are encouraged to ask questions, share your thoughts, introduce supplementary information, and exchange ideas with others throughout these Lunch & Learn sessions. You are invited to respectfully disagree, as we all learn from each other.

You have always been aware there is magic out there. You've forgotten the magic is actually in you. I am here to remind you that your power is in your awareness of your power. Remember?

Thanks to technology, there is now an opportunity to learn so much targeted information with ease and convenience…literally while you enjoy your lunch! Hidden knowledge will be revealed. Learn the secrets of the ages from the metaphysical teacher whose service is the Reveal the Mysteries for the New Age.

Each week's discussion will be audio recorded and emailed to you for review or in case you have to miss a session. Each member of the group will also be a member of a private Facebook page where we can share our discoveries and thoughts without public comment or critique.

This workshop will be ongoing. It is not necessary to begin at the beginning, so feel free to join in at any time. We are happy to welcome newcomers as they become aware of the learning opportunity. Previous recordings will be available for subscribers who wish to hear about topics they have missed.

Order your ticket for any single session, live or previously presented for only $15. You will receive the materials provided for that session, as well as the audio recording (once it has been presented). Here is a list of topicsthat have been presented and topics to be presented:

ISIS UNVEILED - See Table of Contents in book

11/9/18 - Introduction: How Spirtualism has always been a vital part of American history, and how it now includes YOU.

11/16/18 - Before the Veil: Identifying the topics to be addressed, such as alchemy, akashic records, devas, Druids, elementals, Hermes, magic, pagan gods, Spirit, and more.

11/30/18 - The Veil of Isis: Hermes, limits of physical science, Pythagorean numerals, Heliocentric Solar System, ancient astronomical calculations, the "living soul" of beasts, and more.

12/7/18 - The Veil of Isis: protoplasm, unrecognized adepts, journey of Apollonius, precession of the Equinoxes, Phrygian Dactyls, most ancient Magic, pretentions of Rome, central spiritual Sun, vast expanses of time, and more.

12/14/18 - Chapter 1 - Old Things with New Names: Kabala, ancient traditions supported by modern research, mankind's progress cycles, ancient cryptic science, and more.

12/21/18 - Chapter 1 - Old Things with New Names: the Vedas, mutilation of the ancient sacred Jewish books, Magic as a divine science, man's yearning for immortality, and more.

12/28/18 - Chapter 2 - Phenomena and Forces: servility of society, prejudice and bigotry of men of science, psychical phenomena, Lost Arts, the human as the master-force of forces, mediumistic phenomena, and more.

1/4/19 - Chapter 3 - Blind Leaders of the Blind: Huxley's derivation from Orohippus, Comte, London materialists, borrowed robes, emanation of the objective universe from the subjective, and more.

1/11/19 - Chapter 4 - Theories Respecting Psychic Phenomena: Theories of de Gasparin, Thury, des Mousseaux, de Mirville, Babinet, Houdin, MM. Royer, Jobart de Lambelle, Crookes, Farada, Chevreuil, soul blindness, and more.

1/18/19 - Chapter 5 - The Ether, or "Astral Light" - One primal force/many correlations, Tyndall, impossibility of miracle, nature of the primordial substance, ancient myth, and more.

1/25/19 - Chapter 5 - The Ether, or "Astral Light" - fakirs, Hindu allegories, and more.

2/1/19 - Chapter 6 - Psycho-Physical Phenomena - Paracelsus, Mesmerism, and more.

2/8/19 - Chapter 6 - Psycho-Physical Phenomena - Psychometry, Time/Space/Eternity, transfer of energy between the visible and invisible Universe, Crookes experiments and Cox theory, and more.

2/15/19 - Chapter 7 - The Elements, Elementals, and Elementaries: Attraction and repulsion in all kingdoms in Nature, psychical phenomena, music in nervous disorders, "world soul," healing by touch and healers, "Diakka" and Porphyry's bad demons, and more.

2/22/19 - Chapter 7 - The Elements, Elementals, and Elementaries: Quenchless lamp, modern ignorance of vital force, antiquity of the theory of force-correlation, universality of belief in Magic, and more.

3/1/19 - Chapter 8 - Some Mysteries of Nature: Do plants affect human destiny?, curious passage from Hermes, restlessness of matter, Prophecy of Notradamus fulfilled, sympathies between planets and plants, Hindu knowledge of properties of colors, "coincidences," and more.

3/8/19 - Chapter 8 - Some Mysteries of Nature: The Moon and tides, epidemic mental and moral disorders, gods of the Pantheons, Proofs of the magical powers of Pythagoras, viewless races of etheral space, four truths of Buddhism

3/15/19 - Chapter 9 - Cyclic Phenomena: "Coats of skin," natural selection and its results, Egyptian "circle of necessity, Pre-Adamite races, descent of spirit into matter, triune nature of man, elementals, beings of the air, and more.

3/22/19 - Chapter 9 - Cyclic Phenomena: Swedenborgian views on soul-death, earth-bound human souls, impure mediums and their "guides," psychometry as an aid to scientific research, and more.

3/29/19 - Chapter 10 - The Inner and Outer Man: Arraigning the scientists, the "Unknowable," danger of evocations, Lares and Lemures, secrets of Hindu temples, reincarnation, witchcraft and witches, sacred soma trance, and more.

4/5/19 - Chapter 10 - The Inner and Outer Man: Vulnerability of "shadows," experiment on a sleeping boy, witnessing a trial of magic in India, Case of the Cevennois, and more.

4/12/19 - Chapter 11 - Psychological and Physical Marvels: Invulnerability attainable by man, projecting the force of will, insensibility to snake venom, charming serpents by music, teratological phenomena, and more.

4/19/19 - Chapter 11 - Psychological and Physical Marvels: Psychological domain unexplored, despairin regrets of Berzelius, turning a river into blood a vergetable phenomenon, and more.

4/26/19 - Chapter 12 - The "Impassable Chasm": Confessions of ignorance by men of science, pantheon of nihilism, triple composition of fire, instinct and reason, Janism, and more.

5/3/19 - Chapter 12 - The "Impassable Chasm": Deliberate misrepresentation of Lempriere, man's astral coul, reincarnation of Buddha, magical sun and moon pictures of Tibet, vampirism, Bengalese jugglery, and more.

5/10/19 - Chapter 13 - Realities and Illusion: Talismans, unexplained mysteries, magical experiment in Bengal, Chibh Chondor, Indian tape-climbing trick, resuscitation of buried fakirs, limits of suspended animation, and more.

5/17/19 - Chapter 13 - Realities and Illusion: Mediumship, "materialized spirits," Shudala Madan, levitation, elixer and alkahest, and more.

5/24/19 - Chapter 14 - Egyptian Wisdom: Origins of the Egyptians, their mighting engineering works, ancient land of the Pharaohs, antiquity of Nilotic monuments, arts of war and peace, and more.

5/31/19 - Chapter 14 - Egyptian Wisdom: Mexican myths and ruins, resemblances to the Egyptian, Moses a priest of Osiris, lessons taught by ruins of Siam (Angkor Wat), Egyptian tau at Palenque, and more.

6/7/19 - Chapter 15 - India the Cradle of the Race: Acquisition of the "secret doctrine," relics of a Pali scholar, exclusiveness of Hindus, Phallic symbolism, age of eh Vedas and Manu, traditions of pre-diluvian races, Atlantis and its people, and more.

6/14/19 - Chapter 15 - India the Cradle of the Race: Peruvian relics, Gobi desert secrets, Tibetan and Chinese legends, the Magician aids Nature, Philosophy, Religions, arts and sciences bequeaathed by Mother India to posterity

The Secret Doctrine - Cosmogenesis: syllabus to be announced

Date Ordered:

The tuition for this program is $60/month. There is no contract. You can cancel any time you feel you are no longer benefitting from the learning.


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Claim the Power within the
Symbolism of the Tarot

I am often surprised by how few people recognize the symbolism of the corner characters on this card.

Notice how all four have wings? That is to symbolize their true identity as the Archangels. The Bull is Taurus, but also Uriel. The Lion is Leo, but also Michael. The Phoenix is Scorpio, and also Gabriel. The Man is Aquarius, and also Raphael. Taurus is Earth; Leo is Fire; Scorpio is Water; and Aquariius is Air. And each of them has more layers of meaning than that!

To receive this card in a reading and NOT know that all the elements are working together in your world gives you a sense that you're a victim instead of the creator of your life. By knowing the symbolism and layers of meaning, you gain a power of insight held by few.

There are so many layers of meaning in our lives which deliver a richness to what might be a dull, flat life. After all, a life without meaning is meaningless.

One great example of a rich layer of meaning in your life of which you may be unaware is attached to the sign of Vulcan greeting, from the television program, Star Trek. Click on the image below to listen to Leonard Nimoy tell the story of the meaning behind this symbol. Once you know, you cannot unknow - and your life will be forever richer for it.

The meanings in the symbolism of the Tarot deck have been hidden since ancient times to keep the power of their symbolism away from those who don't respect it. Since you are here now, seeking knowledge, you have come as a seeker who is ready to enrich your life through the awareness of meaning.

If you enjoyed this study of symbolism and would like to learn some more, please CLICK HERE.


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